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Samsung introduces: Fast encrypted SSD - with a key at your fingertips

The USB drive The new market leader supports full encryption of the information within it - and decryption by biometric means instead of a numeric password

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Samsung had quite a few interesting products to show us at the CES 2020 show, some already launched and some brand new to make its debut at the glittering event in Vegas - with the second category also belonging to the drives. Its new exterior.

Samsung doesn't like paired digits for some reason, so the T5 mobile drives that replaced the T3 drives during 2017 will now replace even thinner and thinner models - which support the T7 standard 3.2 Gen.2 theoretical bandwidth of 10 GB per second and practical continuous transfer speeds of up to 1,050 MB per second. Almost twice the speed of the previous generation, which reached 2 megabytes per second.

The USB drive Samsung's popular and successful exterior is upgrading - and is now almost as thin as a drive internal

Weighing only 7 grams, the T58 models will be available in silver or black, include volumes between 500GB and 2TB - and include significant innovation in the end-to-end encryption of the information stored in the AES-256 biometric fingerprint identification. The T5 and T3 drives also included AES-256 encryption support for the information, but with password-only identification, with new-generation users having the option of decrypting the information with just a finger or decrypting the information using a password.

The T5 drives were marketed In four different shades - this time we have to make do with half of it, at least at the beginning
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Samsung will start selling the T7 drives over the current month with a three-year warranty, at recommended highs of $ 130 for a basic 500GB volume, $ 230 for one terabyte and $ 400 for a top 2 terabyte - with plans to launch versions as well Alternatives without a built-in biometric sensor (at a reduced price, we hope) within a few months.

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