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Samsung is preparing new SSD drives

After launching an expensive and expensive M.2 drive, a new document reveals that the hardware giant's next goal is to provide us with a new set of drives Simple to the masses

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Samsung is one of the companies that proudly lead the " And not by chance: self-development of the Alongside its own production and advanced flash chips enable it to supply Very competitive prices that can be absolutely winking.

Now, Netanel believes that the company has only recently brought us First M.2 drives Which is based on the NVME standard, is about to take all the capabilities and experience it has, and use them to create a family of drives Especially popular based on SATA standard.


Product Page Which rose for a limited time To the Japanese site of Samsung (and stayed there long enough to be documented by a number of diligent users) presented information about drives that are called EVO 750 and are likely to be discounted brothers for the EVO 840 series andThe EVO 850 Popularity (though The notorious performance bug In 840).

Unpublished drive data

According to the information presented, the EVO 750 will be a fairly standard 3.0 SATA 2.5 drive that will be based on TLC technology in planar technology (unlike the V- 3X), an up-to-date MGX controller and volumes of 120GB and 240GB (additional and larger volumes may be offered). The stated performance is continuous read and write speeds of up to 540 megabytes per second and 520 megabytes per second respectively, and random performance of up to 94,000IOPS and 88,000IOPS read and write respectively.

Drive data, in the version for people who still need to improve their Japanese

The drives with which the drives come will be three years, or until 35 terabytes of writing and erasure are performed - far from being a new record in the home market, but not unlike many other Triple Level Cell drives on the market.

Now all you have to do is wonder about the price for these future drives. The 850 EVO models Equipped today at attractive market prices (about $ 96GB version 250GB and 62 $ 120GB version, as of this writing), the 750 EVO, if and when launched, will have to deliver very low recommended prices to demonstrate relevance - both against competition from home and competition from many other manufacturers.


What pricing would make the EVO 750 models the new hit? Tell us what you think about the reactions.

The latest version of Samsung's Magician program also confirms the existence of the 750 EVO
Also the latest version of the Magician program Confirms the existence of the 750 EVO

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