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SanDisk Introduces: Portable 2 SSD Drive

Nokia mobile drives Will allow you to move a lot of information with you, and up to 850 megabytes per second

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Remember the Samsung's fast and portable T1 drive from the beginning of the year? Well, it took some time, but now it has significant competition from another renowned storage manufacturer - .

The American company has announced a pair of new portable SSDs that, like Samsung's product, are designed to offer the highest speeds of the best flash memories, in compact and beautiful packaging that you can take with you and connect to any computer you encounter along the way. Or in short - as a simple portable USB drive Not fast and not big enough for you.


The Extreme 500 Portable is the basic model to be offered in 120GB and 240GB volumes and in a compact, unique, So-so with maximum continuous read and write speeds of 415 megabytes per second and 340 megabytes per second respectively.

Extreme 500 Portable - Probably the most beautiful SSD portable drive you can purchase on the market today
Extreme 500 Portable - probably the drive The most beautiful mobile you can purchase in the market today

Even more interesting models will be the Extreme 900 Portable, which will be characterized by a more "traditional" design and larger dimensions but will be available in extremely high volumes of 960GB, 480GB and even 1.92TB. In addition, it was based on connections USB 3.1 Type C And USB 3.1 Type A (the largest and most standard we already know) and any unlimited controller on the SATA 3 interface allows the Extreme 900 Portable drives to offer maximum read and write speeds of no less than 850 megabytes per second - thus qualifying the competitor of , At least in one parameter.

Extreme 900 Portable
900 Portable

SanDisk did not mention random read and write performance for any of the mobile drives, which makes us suspect that this performance is not too high (Again, roughly like the Samsung T1) - although we are pretty convinced that they are still higher in some counts than those of mobile USB drives The most advanced Which can be found on the market right now.

The prices will not be very competitive compared to the Which are more common, with 100, 150, and 240 for the 120GB, 240GB, and 480GB versions of the XNUMXGB, 500, respectively, and the cost of 400, 600, 900 Portable in compatible volumes of 480GB, 960GB, and 1.92TB. Worth the investment? It depends mainly on your relationship with the good old finger drives.

Are not the portable drives mentioned in the previous paragraphs compact enough for you? No problem - as a bonus, the manufacturer also introduced USB drives New Ultra Fit series, with a peak volume of 128GB.

The speeds here certainly won't knock anyone out of the chair, as is a product that is barely larger than the standard USB Type A connection it includes (although the company's maximum declared is a pretty decent 130 per second) - but if you need a large amount of Information that will be available to you anytime, anywhere, and don't rely on cloud technologies, is definitely a product that should be of interest to you. The price? 120 dollars are not cheap at all for 128GB of volume .


You won't find any smaller than this - certainly not in the size of 128 gigabytes


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  1. First thing I will do (in a long time the price will be more reasonable) is to dismantle the 2TB drive from its chassis and connect inside the computer :)

  2. Regardless of whether this is practically possible, you are aware that it will cost * more * than an internal SSD in the same volume, right? Not a stupid idea at all - in my opinion - a mobile drive is meant to store information, not speed. Fulfilled if SSDs were cheap, but they very much are not.

  3. You have to proofread the article.
    Numbers in ascending order cannot be written from left to right here, and a few lines down from right to left.

    For the 120GB, 240GB and 480GB versions of e

    Extremely high of 480GB, 960GB and even 1.92TB.

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