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SanDisk: Memory card for industrial use

SanDisk Corporation, Launched this week A new series of memory cards, called CompactFlash 5000, for industrial use. In addition to exceptionally impressive reading and writing speeds (30 megabytes per second), the cards exhibit durability and survivability in extreme conditions, making them ideal for integration in industrial computers, telecom equipment, point-of-sale systems and other industrial environments that require performance.

Card features include:

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  • Durability - The cards are resistant to extreme temperatures, shocks and blows, sea level (over 25 mile) and shocks.
  • Reliability - Card memory built-in flash memory technologies, which include, for example, detection, control, and read or write error systems, are highly trusted in transferring data to and from the cards.
  • Performance - Read and write speeds are 30 megabytes per second - a mark that marks the fastest in the industry.
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance - The cards show durability in the temperature range between 25- and 85 + degrees Celsius.
  • Variety - The ticket line is available from 512 megabytes to 8 gigabytes.

The new cards will be available to OEM customers by the end of May this year. The price will be determined according to the order quantities.

SanDisk's CompactFlash 5000 series


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