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SanDisk makes SSD drives with a volume of 8 terabytes

Do not 2 or 4 terabytes really impress you? SanDisk plans to launch drives Of 2.5 in 8 terabytes in the next year

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You thought that the new drives of , In 4 terabyte volume, are a nice leap forward? Wait until you hear about the competitor's intent To launch dual-volume 8 terabyte drives in about a year from now.

The flash chip manufacturer and The American has presented a road map whereby in 2016 we will see market drives With an unprecedented volume of 6 terabytes and 8 terabytes, which will actually come close to the upper limit of hard drives, now 10 terabytes.

Not surprisingly, even in the These huge drives are intended first and foremost for business and organizational uses, so the reason is probably because simply in these areas it will be possible to demand the price of several thousand dollars per piece and accept it, without any real problems.


Not just huge volumes - SanDisk expects the drives Will reach the same price level (according to gigabytes of storage) for hard drives in just two years

There is no doubt that, Will continue to decline, inevitably, these volumes appear to be relevant even for the "simpler" home consumers - and then the fate of the mechanical drives may be finally decided.

This is what 4 Terabytes drive looks like today's 2.5 inches - and similar technology combined with chips Three-dimensional densities are supposed to provide us with double or even square volumes

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  1. The mechanical drives will stay with us until the ssd prices are equal and also in the same size until it takes at least 5 years

  2. The graph is misleading. If they did zoom in a little to their beautiful yellow circle, you could see that even in the 2017 Gigabyte SSD price would still be double that of HDD. But good marketing.

  3. They can also base the graph on the least lucrative prices per hard disk volume.
    After all, the 1TB drive is significantly less lucrative at the price of a gigabyte than the 3TB drive.

    Popularity attributed in part to British statesman Benjamin Disraeli and American author Mark Twain is that there are three types of lies: ordinary lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  4. Good news, but less interesting to me is the price to GB of SATA SSD.
    I already have one 240GB volume and for me an upgrade will be a larger volume NVMe (500GB +) and affordable.

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