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Sandisk's storage products at bargain prices wink at Amazon

updating: SanDisk's deals are over, but a new cool offer is available for those who need a minimum SSD drive - A400 model of Kingston 240GB And in 2.5 format is sold for 40.32 dollars, including delivery to the house, ie 155 for new shekels only.

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Original article: Quickly microSD cards, USB devices of various types and also drives We are waiting for you with price tags that you should definitely examine

Even today there are Deals of the Day in Amazon Which you should know - with emphasis on the company's various products .

SSD Plus SSD Plus SSD Available for 70 dollars, below the VAT exemption threshold - 77.15 dollars includes home delivery, which is only NIS 285.

Ultra One II SSD SSD drive Sold for 184.3 dollars including VAT and shipping to the country, or about 680 new shekels per country.

128GB Wireless Connect Storage Drive Sold in 47.23 USD, approximately NIS 180.

Extremely compact dimensions - and there's also a double volume of 256GB available for a total price of 102 dollars

Ultra Flair USB3.0 with a good volume of 256GB Available at a small price of 49.13 USD only, approximately 185 New Israeli Shekels, including shipping to Israel.

Extreme Portable Extreme Hard Drive SSD 2 Can be yours for 422.93 $, which is 1,560 new shekels and are also cheaper than most The same volume. Is well worth those who need a particularly fast and large volume.

Extremely fast, ultra-fast microSD cards with continuous speeds of up to 160 megabytes per second and A2 App Performance support for random performance, including a dedicated USB adapter, are available at absolutely competitive prices of 50.33 Dollars Inflate 128GB (About NIS 190) - and $ 137.24 for 256GB volume (about NIS 510). Equal to those looking for maximum performance in expanding their smartphone or tablet, especially for the modest volume of the two.

One of the E- The most advanced and fastest in the market

External 2 terabyte hard drive Which is also compatible with 360 and X- Sold in 68.42 dollars total-all-inclusive, 255 new shekels only.

Passport Go SSN 500GB External SSD Drive Offered at 114.19 dollars including VAT and shipping, about NIS 425 and less than one weight per gigabyte of .

Designed drive at an absolutely interesting price

For dessert, microSD cards are also slightly more basic than the Ultra series with continuous speeds up to 100 megabytes per second and compatibility with A1 App Performance for random performance at great prices: Volume 128GB At 30.4 USD only (115 New Israeli Shekels), 200GB For 48.3 Dollars (180 New Israeli Shekels) and256GB At the price of 70.2 USD (approximately NIS 260).

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