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Sapphire RX 590 Nitro Video Card Review: Excellent engineering and tough competition

Performance tests and summary

We took the black screen card, which is standard for our exams set. The chosen bios is that it is more quiet with the fan which starts to turn around only when the core temperature passes to 50 degrees Celsius. We believe that this is the optimal BIOS for all users, and the one that keeps the card hardware in the best possible way.

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The examination system includes:

  • The Core i7 9700K processor is converted to 5Ghz
  • Motherboard Gigabyte Aorus Z390 Pro
  • זיכרון D80 DDR4 2X8GB 3600Mhz
  • Corsair HX 1050W Power Supply
  • Storage ADATA SP610 512GB SSD
  • Coolant Cooler Antec Kuhler K240
  • Windows 10 Pro

The various video cards were tested in the common resolutions of 1920X1080 and 2560X1440. The data presented is the average number of frames per second, and the number of frames per second is the lowest percentage measured (Min 1%). We have chosen a variety of games based on different engines and running DirectX12 and DirectX11.

In this test the performance difference over the GTX 1060 stands at about 10% in the FHD resolution, but away from the GTX 1660 Ti which is often priced similarly.

The game V paints a similar picture. The performance is slightly above the GTX 1060, but the difference with GTX 1660 Ti is significantly higher.

Game Overwatch does not like video cards of , Rule. Performance is rated under GTX 1060 6GB in this title.

The new Tomb Raider was tested without exclusive features for So as not to give results that can not be duplicated to the other side. In this high-end graphics game, the GTX 1060 6GB is no big deal at all, unfortunately, and stands for 5% in the FHD.

The Division game has been optimized for hardware The RX 590 displays Better than the GTX 1660 Ti in this title. Quite impressive.

The Witcher 3 continues the performance pattern we have seen so far, with a rather respectable lead over the GTX 1060 but a very respectable distance from the GTX 1660 Ti.

The synthetic test is quite heavy Time Spy You can also see the RX 590 just above the GTX 1060 tested.

Noise, power consumption and temperature

We measured the inbound power consumption of the test system in two modes. One system is on the desktop without heavy background software. In the second mode, we measured the highest power consumption from the outlet during a game run.

What you see here is one of the main reasons for the somewhat bombastic cooling of this card. When your power consumption is similar to that of 2080, you should cool down accordingly.

The technical reason for this high power consumption is mainly the attraction of the graphics core to the end of its potential in the production process and in the existing architecture. This is the graphics core that started out in the 1200Mhz region and now operates at a frequency close to 1500Mhz with higher voltage. There is no magic here, pulling up the frequency means increasing power consumption significantly.

For a system similar to our test system using this graphics card, we recommend a power supply of at least 550W. Such power supplies have become accessible and inexpensive in recent years.

The core temperature of the video card while it was at room temperature of 23 degrees was 69 ° C. Fan power is quite low and stands at 30% and at the speed of 1350RPM. The ambient noise is 33.1dbA and the noise measured from a distance of 30 centimeters was 34.9dbA. Video card for iphone It is completely silent, and one of the quietest in our lab, especially with power consumption of over 200W.


Video card RX 590 mainly appears as "stronger than GTX 1060 6GB". This is how we see it as a result of the performance tests created by its various technical characteristics. This result makes quite sense, given that the direct competition of this video card is the RX 580, which is basically the same card but with lower operating frequencies.

This is a relatively new product that has been in the market for only a few months but already has competition. As of now, the official price of the RX 590 is a bit vague. Sapphire's special blue version was recently seen in Amazon under a price tag of $ 219, which means that it can be obtained in less than NIS 1000, Asking for the GTX 1660.

GTX 1660 Ti is currently priced at 279 USD, and the new GTX 1660 is priced at just $ 219. These two graphics cards are faster than the 590 RX (despite the lack of 1660 performance tests, we can confirm this). The consumer advantage in this situation comes in other ways.

We scratched our heads as soon as we saw that the price of that video card (RX 590 Nitro) increased from 219 to $ 279, and at the time of writing, it dropped to $ 265 a little. The price is unstable and a little high for our taste. We would be happy to see a flat and low price for such a video card. We think that 210 to 220 dollars is the right price, because you get 3 games with each of them costs 60 dollars. Such a transaction effectively turns the effective RX 590 into a significantly cheaper ticket. Even if only one game interested the player and was on his purchase map, an effective price of 170 per RX 590 is something that does not exist in the competition.

The price in Israel RX 590 Nitro stands at about NIS 1250, like or slightly higher than the GTX 1660 and comes without a game pack as a gift. This, while - The 580 Rx is priced in Israel on 1000, and also comes without the right game package (2 games, 120 value).

When it comes to engineering and components, She did a great job. We can safely confirm that this is a piece of hardware that is properly engineered and that the cooling system is quiet and very efficient. Dual Beos and the possibility to connect five screens is a great bonus that does not exist in any model. The card is very easy to handle, as the decomposition process splits into the plastic cover and the heat sink separately. A great bonus for service and maintenance In this category.

We hope that and- Will leave a competitive price for these video cards, and will continue to give equal bonuses. This is the right way to deal with existing hardware with new hardware on the consumer, at least until new hardware arrives to justify a purchase without bonuses, which may happen in the coming months.

Editor's choice

Sapphire RX 590 Nitro + & Special Edition


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  1. Still nvidia is more than worthwhile in every respect .. in all price ranges. Nothing warms up here and nVidia leaves them dust and rope

  2. I always prefer the Gigabyte when it comes to the clipboard and video card ... Recently I've been exposed to SAPPHIRE many times and indeed only good things are heard about the company
    In my next upgrade, I'll check what the company has to offer to the GB likes
    Ahala wrote yes yes and I would love if you compare SAPPHIRE to GIGABYTE :)

  3. SAPPHIRE Is one of the oldest and most exclusive AMD distributors (ie they only offer their cards) and only make video cards.

    The card came out some time ago but it is always convenient to have the information in Hebrew, too.
    What I need is a price in shekels from stores in Israel, since all the prices relate to an order from abroad on the Internet, especially when the article is intended only for the local audience.
    Quite a few shops are still buying and there is room to consider whether the difference in price is worth dealing with buying from abroad (and again, not everyone is accessible and comfortable).

    Another suggestion is to emphasize the 580,1060,1660 card in the tables and focus a little more on their performance and price differentials.

  4. Thanks, I've updated a bit about local prices.

    I can say that some people are a bit afraid of the level of reliability and service of a draconian place like Amazon :)

    At this time 1000 NIS will buy RX 590 with 3 new games from abroad

    1250 shekels will buy the same card without any games in Israel.

  5. Quote of djelectric

    Thanks, I've updated a bit about local prices.

    I can understand that some people are a bit afraid of the level of reliability and service of an unknown place like Amazon :)

    At this time 1000 NIS will buy RX 590 with 3 new games from abroad

    1250 shekels will buy the same card without any games in Israel.

    Effective, the price in the country is double.

    The comparison is exactly what can encourage people to open up to the wider world and get a better deal (and if it was not clear, I'm in favor of buying from abroad after making the right considerations.) Maybe in the long run it will even lower the price here, Will cause the parking to close.

  6. Quote of djelectric

    Thanks, I've updated a bit about local prices.

    I can understand that some people are a bit afraid of the level of reliability and service of an unknown place like Amazon :)

    At this time 1000 NIS will buy RX 590 with 3 new games from abroad

    1250 shekels will buy the same card without any games in Israel.

    Effective, the price in the country is double.

    As one who buys from Amazon and more than once ... I must say that Amazon is the only service I give to 100

    If you fell on an unreliable seller, they will return the money to you in full, even the shipping cost. I had two monitors that I bought from there without an argument

    I also had a case that I bought a product and another day I saw the cheapest product I canceled a purchase and told them that this is the reason and again was not a problem

    So for those who are afraid of Amazon? Nothing to promise !! As their very satisfied customer

  7. Which would not be incomprehensible. Me, us, as a site, and as a community it is very important that the local market of importers succeeds. It's money coming in here altogether.

    But it's a bit more important to us (and it's no secret to regular visitors) that the local audience will save money. Not every deal worth a shekel is worth running to Amazon, it's obvious, but sometimes the price difference is abysmal, horrifying.

  8. Excellent article Lior.
    The tables do not leave any doubt that AMD is in general inferiority to the competitor
    With regard to the 550W power supply definition, you know that there are also in the 70 that will not really work. There are other important parameters in doubt.

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