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Watch: Is Ice Lake on a Lightweight Laptop Dealing With Gaming?

We took the Core i7 1065G7 processor with the latest and most advanced graphics core - To find out how a lightweight laptop can handle a host of popular games without the aid of a separate video card

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In the world of computer users it has long been known that the built-in graphical core of This is something that can be used for things that do not need serious 3D acceleration. "Movies? Sure. Office? Why not. Games? Don't make me laugh." Want to change the situation and the first way is through Iris Plus graphics cores that can be found in the new Ice Lake processors for computers .

These processors are manufactured using an advanced 10 nanometer process, which has never even reached the desktop. Much of the processor core is an advanced graphical kernel with 64 processing groups, which is unique to i7 1065G7 compared to its predecessors. The processor contains standard 4 standard processing cores along with the HyperThreading function for 8 capillaries in total.

Here's a video showing our impressions of a lot of games being used on a laptop Yoga C940 containing the processor:

In general, it can be concluded that Intel is making great strides in replacing simple graphical cores of או . She does not want that, along with the built-in graphical core she provides so far, there will be another more powerful one that will waste engineering, space and electrical resources for computers . The Iris Plus is Graphically ten percent stronger than what we knew one generation back.

Ice Lake product line for computers . Image source:

Each processor in this list that contains G7 by its name has the most advanced graphical kernel of . Computers That contain Although not for gamers in the soul, but if you can do business in the day and let your child or yourself play a little at night on the same machine - then we have made welcome progress.

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