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HWzone Call Of Duty: Black Ops

We are pleased to announce the launch of a public call-duty server called "Black Ops", for the enjoyment of all the participants and surfers. The server is a Ranked server (updating the player achievements in real time) and has a maximum capacity of 18 players.
The establishment of the server was made possible thanks to MSI International, Which aims to promote the gaming market in Israel and directly support gamers by establishing dedicated game servers for Israeli players. In a joint effort with HWzone.co.il, it was decided to set up a Call Of Duty: Black Ops server In the enormous popularity the game has won On the one hand, in Israel and abroad, and on the low level of quality servers on the other.

This is the first and unique collaboration of a leading hardware manufacturer in Israel, In particular, we invite all of you to join our server, play and enjoy.
In order to find the server, all filters must be enabled except: Hardcore = No and Friendly fire = Disabled. Then search by name for the server, where the first letter is M and the server name is MSI and HWzone Israel.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops server sponsored by MSI

Server address:

Unfortunately, Black Ops servers can not be set up in Israel at this time, so the server is now located in Germany to ensure the lowest possible ping for Israeli players. We are making efforts to establish a server in the fields , And as soon as possible, we will even move the server to Israel.

You can monitor the status of the server in real time to know if there are available places and what the current map is also using The server page in Gametracker.
If you have questions about the server or the rules of the game, please contact us For the official discussion in our forum. More information about the game itself can be found as well In the general information discussion Of the game.

See you on the battlefield!


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  1. well done
    I'm really glad to hear that a large and reputable company like MSI has decided to invest its time and resources by taking care and providing game servers to our community.


  2. respect!
    I must mention that when I bought my computer with the tablet and their graphics card I was a bit skeptical, but today I am after 3 years with the tablet and it definitely gives me a good performance for games. Too bad a lot of people directly told me they "worked on you" or things like that.
    By the way, for those who want to know, I have a computer with [Email protected] And the MSI P35 Platinum Combo board.

  3. Well done!!
    Finally ... yes they will!
    Hoping the server won't be empty and players will come in ...

  4. Motherboards
    I had their motherboard on two computers that crashed after just a year of normal and simple work without OC
    It could really be that they got better still using their burner.

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