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Sharp and special: Cooler Master MM830 mouse in review

We took an interesting mouse review of The MM830 sample, intended primarily for addicts to online MOBA and MMO games

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Manufacturer of hardware and peripheral equipment Recently launched a new line of gaming mice from the MasterMouse series. Among the mice in this series is also the MM830 which is equipped with a number of interesting features for the macros and other buttons.

Here are some important things to know about the MM830. This mouse comes with a typical price tag of 55-60 dollars, which means only NIS 230. It contains the considered Pixart optical sensor PMW3360 and the highest quality and most competitive on the market. The MM830 weighs 162 grams and therefore falls into the weight category of the gaming mice. Today the lighter mice arrive at 60-90 grams most often, with the majority still ranging between 90 and 130 grams.

One of the unusual features of MM830 is the four buttons on the left. With a proper grip of the thumb in the center, in addition to the usual two that you will find in most gaming mice, there is also the option of pressing two more buttons up and down. The buttons are not pressed too easily, so you can place your thumb without worry.

The mouse front is completely standard with two buttons and a button wheel with a button as well. Unfortunately, the cable is not removable.

The bottom of the mouse has quite respectable areas on which teflon is affixed. The surfaces must be removed to open the mouse for maintenance or replacement to new Teflon surfaces.

The cable is wrapped in plastic cover and is quite flexible and has a very low resistance to folding. The mouse connects via Standard 2.0.

Behind the pulley there is a button for changing DPI according to values ​​that can be manually programmed. The mouse length is 13 inches from end to end and I would consider it suitable for medium and above hands.

The Coolermaster logo on the back and the pulley illuminate in the lighting Programmatically controlled. There is also lighting next to the profile selection button above.

For those who want, you can also use the software of . It is lightweight and fairly simple to use. Various and varied actions can be configured for the mouse click.

Also, there is full control over the mouse lights in any way you can only imagine.

There is a particularly interesting addition to MM830 and is a small LCD display on the side of the mouse. This display can be used for temperature display of system components, DPI in number or any drawing you want to draw in the dedicated software. This is ... definitely an interesting and unusual addition.

Mouse performance

In general, I have to admit that I'm used to lightweight mice as a player of mostly FPS games. Getting accustomed to moving from 90 weight to 162 gram took a few days, as did getting used to the various buttons.

Strategy games and MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2 can use the additional side buttons for various attacks. Once you get used to the mouse, it becomes quite restful. Resistance from the surface is low thanks to the large, ergonomic teflon legs I find the grip on the mouse feels natural. The hand rested well on him.

The only argument I have is that I think the LCD monitor could have been smaller so the thumb could rest more in the front of the mouse. Still, I didn't find the shape particularly problematic.

As far as accuracy is concerned, the PMW3360 sensor is a safe choice today. The distance to register mouse-to-surface movement can only be cut off by a single millimeter, so there are no strange cruises in the air. There is no bug, jitter or buoyancy - sensory diseases that were much more common in the past.

Yes I found that pressing up and down with the extra buttons was a little difficult, and I would be happy if Would have made the buttons a little softer. Everything else - looks good. The texture of the mouse feels pleasant and does not cause sweating when used long.

With a price tag of about 55 dollars as of this writing, I think MM830 is a bad option for those who need more buttons for different operations and also like a heavy mouse. I'm less the type, but every type of user needs to have the right mouse.


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