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SilverStone's new heat sink is probably the thinnest in the world

The Taiwanese company is introducing new cooling for its stationary processors Which is designed for the narrowest enclosures in the area

After encountering a number of new video cards designed to be crammed into ultra-modest enclosures in recent times - it seems time to get to know their complementary product, in the form of The new and surprising NT08-115XP of SilverStone.

The name of this heat sink does not really help to understand its uniqueness, but one look at it makes it clear - this is an ultra-low profile cooler designed to allow the installation of standard stationary processors from home In the smallest and compact computer cases that can be found in stores.

Makes other low-profile cooling bodies feel gigantic
Makes my body Others in low profile feel huge

To a tiny rounded aluminum heat sink with an 10 millimeters thick and 80 millimeters diameter, these two together form a total 33 millimeter altitude - much less than the 50 millimeters that feature the basic E97379-001 cooling In the Box versions of its cost-effective desktop processors.

Designed for the new Mini-STX with 5x5-inch panels - but not just for them
Designed for the fresh Mini-STX configuration with 5 × 5-inch boards - but not just for them

The cooling of SilverStone is adapted to all of the mainstream residences of (Push-pin), a relatively low maximum noise level of up to 1150dbA and matching to quad-core processors from the standard families without an open product, with a thermal envelope of up to 1151 (LGA1155 / LGA1156 / LGA30 / LGA65) Watts.

The heat sink can be installed without the fan even for an even smaller height - but it is probably best not to do so if you do not want a processor that is very close to the maximum heating level allowed
The heat sink can be technically installed even without the fan, for even a tiny height - but probably not better if you do not want a processor that is very close to the maximum allowable heating level at any given moment

The NT08-115XP is due to arrive in stores during the current month, at a price that has yet to be revealed. Let’s hope it is low enough to justify its preference over slightly more “obese” basic refrigerants, and not overly expensive due to its unique and direct competition.


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  1. No no ... I need something working not something thin I recently switched from sedion 120 to cryorig h7 (this bit scary liquid especially for a new system)

    1. Nonsense in nitrogen.
      This liquid cooling is purely an ice cream jerry! _ Everything else is a total waste)

      1. The set brought me 63 degrees at work (warthunder, wot, gta5) which is not bad
        To i7 940
        I replace or rather leave it in the old system because I do not want to burn a new Vega strain because of water cooling ... Big yes it is known that this level of (radiator for small double) air cooling water does not fall far

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