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Small online cues: AMD cheap modern video cards on the way to launch

New model names for Navi 14-based graphics cards may indicate plans to launch models RX 5300 is extremely budget and economical - for both the stationary and the mobile market

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We still do not know how exactly the company's first graphic processing products could Based on Navi 14 cores, the RX 5500 and RX 5500 XT - but all signs indicate that they will not be alone, but will be accompanied by models Even cheaper based on versions with a smaller number of active processing units based on the same piece of silicone.

We currently know a pair of versions of the Navi 14 kernel, which are found in RX 5500 and RX 5500 XT naturally, but a recent Linux library reveals five different versions of it - and it draws prophecies about a desktop type RX 5300, and maybe a version as well RX 5300 mobile to join the mobile version of the RX 5500 already unveiled initially.

Mentioning maximum work frequencies - also betrays the various versions that we have not yet known. The extension M indicates Mobil products, while the XL name is for more basic models than the XT and XTX model names, judging by past products in the Radeon brand

We do not have full technical details for the modestly mentioned sub-models in the corner of an internal system file, but the mere possibility of getting particularly modest budget models, at prices of just over 100 dollars, which do not constitute recycling of ancient hardware but are based on the same efficient and minimized kernels in 7 lithography Nanometers which are much more expensive models - makes us interested and even enthusiastic. Let's hope for a formal launch as soon as possible - and not just for the OEM market that isn't available to home consumers.

These are the guesswork of the site for the association between the core names and the actual products - and we continue to wonder where the cores are being pushed here 12, which we heard about in the same leaks a few weeks ago


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