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The new HP notebooks will make sure the display is for your eyes only

The American company is introducing new models that can change their effective viewing angles in real time

If you've had the chance to work on your personal computer (or even use your tablet or phone) in a public and crowd-pleasing place, you probably know this strange feeling that you find some obscure bystander staring at your screen - an unpleasant experience, especially if the information Shown is personal or even sensitive in its classification.

This relative problem has become even more tangible and significant in recent years as screens And VA with very wide viewing angles have become the new standard in most product categories, at the expense of TN technology panels whose built-in display limits have provided a sort of default solution (with almost every viewing angle above 45 degrees already approaching the point where colors are reversed and display is reversed One that doesn't get too much detail out of it).

Once it was considered a definite disadvantage, but today we begin to understand the advantage of the screen can not be expected from the parties - at least in certain situations
It used to be considered a definite disadvantage, but today you begin to understand the advantage of a screen that cannot be viewed from the sides - at least in some situations

Now, HP is turning a new privacy technology that meets Sure View into the main feature of a pair of computers Who belong to its EliteBook business line, and believe that this renewed wish for privacy will help them win improved commercial success.


Another layer over the screen panel from 3M combined with dedicated backlit screen technologies allow you to change the effective viewing angle from about 175 degrees (for wide viewing quality where you want it) to just about 35 degrees with just a click of a button That all unwanted viewers from the sides will see an almost completely black screen, while the user will not notice the change and can continue to work normally.

Display practical purpose for interesting technology Source:
A practical presentation of the interesting technology

In addition to the awkward screens that will be available in 1080p and diagonal size of 14 or 15.6, you will find the new EliteBook 840 G3 and EliteBook 1040 G3 processors (the new monitor sizes) Up to 32GB, 2.5-inch mechanical drives or drives In 2.5-inch or M.2 format, built-in fingerprint scanners, modem option LTE built-in, relatively thin and lightweight metallic envelopes - and a promise for my life Up to 13.5 hours for the EliteBook 840 or up to 11.5 hours for the EliteBook 1040.

The laptops will arrive in stores starting in two days starting in September at a starting price of about $ 1,200, and while their Sure View technology is not an unprecedented revolution - it's a nice touch that could appeal to a significant number of consumers working on the road, If based on the claim of That the increment to the overall cost (which has lied relatively well in advance in this case) is almost negligible. what do you think? Share us.


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  1. The only advantage of HP laptops is that they have 6 gigabytes. All in all, these are pretty bad computers with poor build quality and endlessly warming up. Before I started messing around with computers and not understanding hardware, I was pushed into an HP mobile store that just didn't buy them. He has been with me for four years and if I had money I would have replaced it with Lenovo's computer long ago!

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