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Sony on the outside, AMD Inside: The next PlayStation console is partially exposed

An interview with the system engineer of the Japanese Next Generation console provides us with an official confirmation of the use of advanced processing chips from the " 2 and Navi

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The current generation of consoles has been a significant victory for me When all PlayStation 4 models and all models Based on its custom hardware and put hundreds of millions of dollars each quarter into its revenue balance. However, it is fairly clear that the current potential is far from the best the American chip developer has to offer - mainly because of the use of economical Jaguar cores that originate somewhere in the The failed.

Rumors that the future consoles from Sony and Microsoft will continue the productive and productive collaboration with Have been hanging around them for a long time, but now they seem to become a finished truth, at least for a company - Maybe ahead of official exposure coming this year already.

Next generation bluetooth Not here yet - but the picture about him is undoubtedly beginning to become clear

ראיון Which was published on with Mark Cerny, Which significantly reduced doubts when it confirmed that a dedicated dedicated processing chip was being used based on both Zen 2 processing cores and on Graphics from the Navi generation - technologies that have not yet been officially launched in the world, Which is expected to be highly efficient thanks to the use of the 7 nanometer manufacturing process on which the consoles will be based.

You'll be everywhere, even in the new age of consoles, it seems - with double and double power

However, in the past, it is possible to guess that the console will offer equivalent power to an intermediate gaming computer at the end of 2019, with GDDR6 memories that may work Next to Memories Or perhaps even as a substitute for them.

One of the most powerful people in the gaming division of Breaking the silence - creating echoes in the network

It's a processing power that will probably double the potential of the standard PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 4 - and that's a good reason, since Sereni has stated dedicated support for ray tracing (it's not clear whether using dedicated processing cores as with a company Or other method) and resolutions up to 8K with HDR. The console will also include a smart spatial and hardware-based audio solution and drives Fast-paced blessings after long generations of drives are painfully slow to produce unreasonably slow play and wait times - though it is still unclear how Sony will balance the need for a fairly large volume of storage for the future and NAND chips on the drives Which may weigh heavily on the price of the console. It is reasonable to estimate that we will see here the use of any hybrid solution, which will not delight the mechanical elements completely.

In the coming months we will get a first taste of the performance of Zen 2 and especially of Navi - and this will help us better and more accurately assess the potential of the roll-out The fifth

The next PlayStation console will almost certainly not reach the stores in 2019, with the holiday season at the end of the year 2020 seems a more reasonable option for both the next generation of the - By , But it looks more like a typical desktop computer than ever - which is something that will also allow backward support for PlayStation 4 generation games (Sereni officially endorsed it, in fact), as well as more common and easier development for PCs and non-PCs. At the same time, with fewer economic and business reasons to prefer a single product rather than reaching as wide a target audience as possible.

Tracing horns will be a major part of future salon entertainment, too

Excited about the next generation entertainment in the living room, or think that the future is at all in mobile and direct online gaming stream? Let's talk about it in comments.


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  1. Regarding the trace of rays - the interesting quote is:
    "with less of a hit on performance"
    You may have noticed the noise there is on the network about the human injury to RTX cards when using RTRT.

    1. You don't have to use this technology, but it's a very advanced technology that saves hours of processing

      I believe that graphics companies prefer to buy a quadro rtx 6000 that will save them a lot of time and that it will spoil after a year rather than wait for every prime frame to have it for a long time

      This technology is still in its infancy but is a good technology ahead of its time and I believe the next generation will no longer have these problems

  2. Talking about performance and graphics is not topical, maybe maybe 15 percent of the product's customers… in my opinion (as a young man I was what 15 percent).
    What about VR? The level is already high enough for it to be mainstream
    New control controllers (nothing changed since the 80 years!)?
    Augmented reality
    Online streaming streaming service without the need for a console?

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