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Coming soon: New AMD gaming cards for the high market

The chip development CEO has confirmed that the She's going to expand soon - with more powerful models that can finally pressure the competitor

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Financial reporting of For the second quarter of 2019 was not overly spectacular, with a decrease in revenue and earnings over the same period last year - but the company managed to keep its bottom line clean and made clear that it expects significant data growth in the coming quarter thanks to the launch of the 7 era products Its nanometer. What else is in the plans? Products To the high market and 7 nm processors for the mobile market.

In a conversation with investors conducted after the publication of the economic report, as usual, the CEO was asked Dr. Lisa Soo is specific about additional 7 nanometer products in the mobile and high-end graphics processing markets - and replied that these are indeed under development as planned in a way that removes any doubt we might have about this.

The current data of Not exactly dropping off the chair - but the climax is still ahead of us

Without a window of time, as general as it may be, it's hard to gauge exactly what the top rep of the chipmaker's intent was, but the whole thing takes us back to all those dozens of model names that Sapphire asked to make publicly a few months ago. looks like May plan at least three additional subcores of the cores Above the already launched RX 5700, with price levels of 500 dollars, 600 dollars, 700 dollars - and maybe even more.

Company Representatives Expect 11 Percentage Revenue for the Current Quarter to End in September, Compared to the Same Period in 2018

It will be interesting to find out how you will respond To the first significant competition in the ultra-premium market it has been controlling since the days of the Fiji family, somewhere four years ago - assuming You will really be able to deliver the goods of course.

When exactly do new mobile processors and video cards look like? At present, only guesses can be thrown into the air


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  1. Old news.
    The most realistic, factual title to date is:
    Strong Tickets! _ (But by the time we get to that, we'll be at RTX3080)

    So AMD will again compete with tickets whose production has reached DEATH OF LIFE / Discontinued!

  2. The constant issue with Amad is the amount of time it takes her to respond to every move of her own. While the Green Camp responds by adjusting prices, nimble brands and regulating its products (including third-party refrigerants already underway), Lamed takes half a year, sometimes even a whole year, to just give a segmental response - which will not always be reflected in a lucrative price or In a performance ceiling, necessarily, competitive.
    So it's true that there are technological gaps and economic gaps between the companies, and it is true that Amd is lagging behind, and true about many things - but patience in her case proved to be unpayable, not waiting for Purim, not waiting for Vogas, and in the meantime, the Nabi also has trouble impressing next to a series of Nevidia.

    For me, Nabi is Amed's latest tool experiment to prove that she has something to sell in this market in all its segments, the 5700 she released was likely at best, and not so impressive at worst - and the next launches will decide whether or not to work here or return to the tedious previous wheel Accompanying us for so many years.

    1. Yes, the price for finishing is ruined for NAVI and the bad cooling ... but still I have hope ... I hope Intel will come in and prices will change (no coordination)

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