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Coming soon: Smartphones and tablets with 3GB of RAM

Smart phones and tablets on the way to raise the bar with a dynamic memory of no less than 3GB thanks to new and improved chips . Debut - on Note III?

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סמסונג Announces the beginning of production of LPDDR3 memories In the 20 nm procedure which will offer 3 GB fast and economical especially in energy consumption.

Memories are made with 0.5 GB chips each placed in triplets, bringing the complete chip to about 0.8 mm thick, thinner than memory chips Of the current generation.

Two such "stacks" will give the required 3 GB of volume and include two symmetric channels that connect them to the processor at up to 2133 megabytes (or 266 megabytes) per second for each pin in the chip.

Much more volume In a thinner and lighter package

To the octagonal cores in the new version of (Exynos 5420 Octa) has a dual-channel configuration, and is rumored to be the chipset to be used by the upcoming 3 device.

Today, personal computers come with an average amount of working memory of about 4 GB. Portable devices with memory volumes of 3 GB or higher, combined with General and enhanced graphics will bring a new generation of Palm that will begin to compete with that of desktop computer stands.

Rumors are indeed talking about Work at 3 GB on Samsung's new tablet

This technological advancement does not change the fact that the mobile devices we rely on more and more are still limited in terms of screen size and user interface. Do you enter devices such as Google Glass Change this picture? A huge screen that is visible may allow for more comfortable work, and interfaces based on gestures and movement can significantly facilitate mobile work.

Will increasing memory increase your experience? Share your thoughts with comments!


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  1. For 1, not at all if you surf the web with a high number of tabs
    Also, it won't be long before we can work with the smartphone as you would with a regular workstation (with a suitable screen and keyboard)

  2. To 1
    I have been hearing these plots for 15 year with every technological advancement.

    Say the same about 128 MB (yes, MB) to your desktop computer.

  3. What helps is that the system does not leave applications in memory
    I have an advanced tablet with 2G RAM many times I tried to run several applications at once without logging out, but still the system takes them out of volatile memory, which is noticeable when you go back to the Reflection Reflection (maybe SWAP?) And always leave 1G free in normal use, or 800- 700M are free in an effort that the regular user does not make

  4. 2GB is enough over the top
    More memory more performance = less battery life. Who is interested in hardware performance that the operating system is unchanging and running great with the existing hardware?

  5. To 1 - need no more than 640kb
    And it turns out that Bill Gates was wrong too, another memory is always good!

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