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Coming Soon: No more motherboards from Intel

After more than 20 year in business, Intends to stop producing motherboards herself
Since the year of 1993, has created Chipsets compatible with their processors in addition to motherboards based on the same chipset, besides selling these chipsets (which have been merging into the processor in recent years) to other motherboard manufacturers who in turn also manufacture motherboards and sell them, even more successfully than herself.
Therefore, according to official information from Intel, the company intends to exit this market gradually after the launch of processors -Haswell And get out of it completely in three years. This move in response to two things: Is not able to compete with the innovation of motherboard manufacturers from Taiwan. In addition, according to a large change of direction in the company, it is interested in investing the resources that will be transferred from its motherboard industry to new PCs.
One of the mother 's last motherboards . Too bad, they were beautiful towards the end
do not worry. A man from the motherboards division of Will not be fired and will be transferred to the company's mobile divisions. Customers who bought motherboards Will be held responsible if they fail, despite the parent offices that it will launch At the same time,Haswell Will probably be the last. Dan Schneider, spokesman Who spread the word, wished to emphasize that Does not intend to completely abandon the desktop market segments or performance enthusiasts.
CEO Which will soon be retired. The replacement CEO will continue with the new spirit
As we have already noted, the exit from the motherboards market is another step in changing the large-scale trend . The company is aware of the fact that the masses flock from desktops to mobile phones, tablets and smartphones, and prepare for this in the form And motherboards that will come as a package, as well as the shift of emphasis from absolute performance to relative performance and power and battery life.


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  1. Too bad
    Until now, my experience if Intel boards were very good, of the boards found in "regular" stores, I would place them second behind Gigabyte, and well above Asus / MSI / all of them

  2. Well, clear
    Soon, the industry will no longer be profitable from the moment the large processor company requires manufacturers to weld the processor to the board.

  3. Too bad, I really enjoy my DX58SO
    As an Uber Clocker, the interface is easy and convenient without the Gigabyte scrambled interface, and I feel safe going crazy with it, the Watchdog feature has saved me a lot of times.
    Too bad

  4. Foxconn has been manufacturing Intel's boards for years
    As you can read on Wikipedia, Foxconn produces Intel's tablets starting with 2001:

    In 2009, Foxconn also started designing motherboards for Intel, but I'm not sure whether it designed all models, or just some of them.

  5. Too bad and sad
    That such a large and powerful company in the processors market and chips to moisture if they could not produce normal mother moisture and they also failed in trying to get video cards for gamers and the graphics market they have failed in recent years there are too many projects and products fail and the products that such a large company is declining and it is a problem for the market The biggest company for processors and because of their failure and no serious competitor other than AMD which is not yet strong enough in terms of products is around 60% cannot in case of Intel problems complete the lack of stay and rope

  6. To 7
    Okay, but they're much more invested in Foxcone tablets sold as Foxcone

    I have some of their boards, later I can compare them and see if there is any similarity or difference in the little details that can tell if they are from the same place / design or not

  7. To Mr. Bob who knows nothing
    The boards of Asus and GB boards are excellent and good and they appeal to a very wide market segment… There are their series of SOX58 to X58 and DX79 / SI / SX etc that were very successful in every way… Note that all motherboard creations have copied from Intel design of X79 boards The 8 DIMM of the memories are on the processor side (4 on the right and 4 on the left) as are the other ports on the board. In the mid and downstream market designed for work and the Internet, Intel delivers stability and performance on its motherboards sometimes compared to other companies. So dear Mr. Bob hope… that quality just disappeared !!!

  8. To the commenter
    If you were a little scouring the Internet about Intel's garbage boards, it wouldn't hurt you at all.

  9. Responds to 11
    If you had multiple Intel boards that keep working and working if 0 malfunctions - unlike almost any other board - you wouldn't say they're screwed

  10. Responds to 12
    When you try to update an BIOS with an official Intel driver that will ruin your computer, you will say it is corporate garbage, and when you come across several boards of the same type with the same malfunction a few days after the warranty expires you will say that they are dirty cheaters, at least they have a good swap service ...
    By the way, they became such a sting the basic boards come with a total of 2 SATA connections some years ago, 4 was standard and I came across all sorts of incompatibility issues for different operating systems

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