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Special, but not enough? AMD's unique Ryzen processor and Microsoft have trouble facing Ice Lake

AMD provided Ryzen models Enhanced for her new partner's laptops - but not sure they'll keep up with the processors Intel Parallels

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The renewed competition between Intel in the world of laptops is becoming especially apparent in the new family from home - to offer consumers for the first time a choice between the two camps according to their personal preference within the Its an 3 laptop.

Microsoft has chosen to use the latest hardware in the market for its third-generation mobile phones, which will expand with the addition of advanced 15 models to the first-generation 13 models - which means Intel's 10th-generation Core 10 processors, alongside processors Ryzen 3000's At 12 nm. Equality of powers? At Microsoft contacted And together created an exclusive pair of enhanced chips designed to ensure that this is indeed the situation on the ground.

New in size, five finishes - and a pair of chipset suppliers

The Notebook Surface Laptops will be offered with Ryzen 5 3580U and Ryzen 7 3780U quad-core cores with 15 watt power supply, with their improvement over Ryzen 5 3500U and Ryzen 7 3700U graphics processing with 9 processing power - with XNUM processing power Ryzen 5 relative to 8 chipset processing available from all other manufacturers on the market, and 11 processing clustering instead of 10 processing clustering in Ryzen 7. Maximum work frequencies remain the same, but this is at least an extra 10 percent, which should cope with the leap she was able to demonstrate At its Gen.11 cores in the latest Ice Lake processors relative to the Of the eighth generation.

Collaboration which is a great victory for , After many years in which its presence in the mobile world was nil

The first network performance tests for the Ryzen 5 3580U model On the UserBenchmark site Get lower results than Intel's Core i5-1035G7 equivalent of a little over ten percent - so Ice Lake may seem to have an edge when it comes to overall processing performance over , With bonuses such as built-in support for 3, built-in support for connectivity 6 and support for LPDDR4X memories are fast and cost effective. Will the red chip developer's big win come in the field of graphical performance? This is something we have not yet received evidence of, though it seems perfectly possible when considering the theoretical numbers.

Could an 3-sized Surface Laptop 15 and $ 1,200 provide Less than 3 Laptop 13.5 Inch and 1,000 Dollar Price?

It will be interesting to get the full picture of the power relations between Intel and CPUs On devices in the same shell and from the same major manufacturer - though a relative disadvantage in the current Ryzen models doesn't seem to deter Microsoft people, who have already stated that developing a second generation of custom-made chipsets with Is on its way for future models. Will the transition to 7 nm lithography in the mobile world also allow us to see such products in Pro 8? We'll see.

We look forward to the official launch that will allow us to get an idea of ​​the graphical capabilities of the processors as well Enhanced

3 Surface Laptops will be on sale early next month, with a base price of 1,000 dollars for the 13.5-inch version (on Intel's purity) and 1,200 dollars for the 15-inch versions (with the , And other versions with processors To be offered only to businesses and organizations). Is this the beginning of a wonderful friendship and competition? We'll know soon.

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