Runeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge of the HWzone
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Radeon RX 590: Squeeze the Polaris to the edge

Increased frequency, increased price - and much more power consumed: the cards The 590 RX is officially launched everywhere

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While in the primary processor market Blooms thanks to annual updates of the Zen cores that provide increasing and varied competition to those of , In the graphics processor market, the situation is a little less exciting with a pair of existing architectures that seem to have already given us everything they have to offer - and all that's left now is mainly the ongoing waiting for the Which may replace both simultaneously during 2019.

In what seems to be an attempt to dispel the commercial calm without reinventing the wheel, RX 590 - A bit like RX 580 on steroids, with higher working frequencies than ever before for cores - Thanks to the transition to a slightly updated production process of 12 nm at GlobalFoundries, similar to that used by processors 2000.

There is a new (almost) production process

Radeon RX 590 will offer, as expected, a full Polaris core, with 2,304 performance units and 8GB of GDDR5 memory at an effective 8GHz frequency - with increased 1,469MHz operating frequencies as the base and 1,545MHz in Boost mode should allow direct performance improvements of X as compared to XNX 11 - and about 580 percent relative to RX 480 two and a half years ago.

The level of performance was expected - but the price can't make it particularly significant
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The number of Radeon RX 590 models available in the market is expected to be limited, Provides information on four models in total from Assos, PowerColor, XFX and Sapphire - all designed and developed independently because there is no reference design that can be based on resource reduction and process acceleration, which probably explains why not all actresses decided to adopt this new piece. All of these are designed to carry an official recommended price of 280 dollars, as directed by herself.

High power consumption limits existing rush potential to a fairly minor level - only five percent above what launched models
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The first reviews for the RX 590 has successfully demonstrated an advantage over 10 in most tests against the X- RX 580 and also the GeForce GTX 1060 with 6GB's Graphic, as close as a touch from the Ti as well as maintaining a reasonable operating temperature of just over 80 degrees Celsius under full effort and definitely reasonable noise power - but the main problem here is the enlarged 225 watt power supply (compared to 185 watts for the RX 580) which also manifests itself In the real world, as well as a cost that incurs 80 bucks (!) Compared to the lowest prices for the The most senior ex.

The number of models is modest, with no reference versions - and this could adversely affect overall availability and competitiveness of prices.

The RX 590 is not a bad or bad product, and one that does surprise us with some of the parameters - but it certainly demonstrates that the She had exhausted herself and needed to retire. We hope that the practical prices in the market will fall rapidly to below the nominal value and will make it a real find for those looking for a worthy upgrade in the near future.

We are glad this card was created - but also hope to be the last one to use Polaris

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6 תגובות

  1. Really not worth it!

    It's best to go for 1070 and save electricity over time _ (Gaming on a daily basis will simply cost millions with this 590)

    1. It is wrong at all to search Google for what can be done with AMD cards in the UNDERVOLTING section
      If the price of 1070 is lower then you're starting to be right ... right now you just don't sound like Noydia's FANBOI than an active opinion

  2. A pathetic and pathetic simple shame to create a renewed card with relatively insane power and performance.

  3. What is really strange about this series is that this time AMD chose to call it 590 rather than 680. In the previous comment of the same card exactly the difference was from 480 to 580. Where's the logic I don't know ...
    Besides, there is nothing new under the sun.
    AMD squeezes every drop of MHZ directly from the box because they simply do not have any other moves they are willing to make or invest in.
    Changing memory for faster and up-to-date (DDR5X) or compassionate to convert VEGA to normal memory instead of unwanted / irrelevant HBM. They can, however, consciously and consistently choose not to make such a move and block the lot from time to time to create real competition for NV.

  4. The card is a big disappointment. Any package along with the price .. It is better to take 580 at a lower price or second hand \ Amazon tickets of 1070 or higher.

    Is really somewhere unnecessary card.

    Omar about the name of the card - It's not that strange, if you take out the "last" card after you squeeze what is possible then it would not make sense

    Open a new series name. I think this 590 is also among other things because it will be the final ticket from this AMD series. The 600 series is due

    To be something else / new for better / worse.

  5. Quote of coch

    Omar about the name of the card - It's not that strange, if you take out the "last" card after you squeeze what is possible then it would not make sense

    Open a new series name. I think that 590 is among other things also that he will be the final card from this series of AMD. Series 600 scheduled

    To be something else / new for better / worse.

    I would expect to stay as consistent as before.
    I agree with you - not instead of changing a series number just for one flight (since they don't intend to spend 670 / 660 etc).
    But the more convenient it was (and again this trifles) to leave the same number and add something in the TI or GHz EDITION style that goes a little more than the MHZ in exchange for much more power there is nothing here.
    The fact that it is produced in 12NM is not clearly relevant to the capabilities of the card and I do not think it justifies changing the number. But these are considerations of PR and marketing and marketing. Whoever makes an impression on him will enjoy it ..

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