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Starting from the bottom? Intel's first home video card may offer modest hardware

Appearance of the intriguing DG1 model in official regulatory body documentation reveals a limited amount of processing units within it. Is it just a tool Or evidence of the chip giant's commercial plans

This year is set to be a formative period in the world of graphic processing with Intel's anticipated entry into the race as a third player and- - But is it possible that entering the storm we were hoping for would be a very careful and restrained march? The DG1 model no doubt adds another dimension of confusion to the story.

Intel chose to officially unveil the architecture Theirs a few months ago with Ponte Vecchio - a formidable processing unit for the HPC world and supercomputers that is supposed to run one of the most powerful systems in the entire world in 2021. From this it could be concluded that the company is first and foremost the ultimate performance crown, but now we are receiving evidence For other computing categories, priorities may also be different.

Claiming to tell Xe products to the world of laptops and the gaming world - but are there any plans for specially designed basic cards to be used as a supplement for Excluding built-in graphic cores?

Documentation in the European-Asian Regulatory Organization EEC for a development kit with the model name DG1, which we have already heard on several occasions as the first home desktop video card based on the Xe architecture, describes a consolidation of only 96 processing units - which is not significantly greater than 64 Processing units and even 72 processing units that we have already seen in graphical cores built into the company's Ice Lake and Ice Generation processors Respectively. Believing in the rumors, the near future will be even more confusing - with the next generation of mobile processors Tiger Lake offering up to 96 processing units in its built-in graphical core on some models, based on the same Gen.12 architecture that actually became the brand .

Set up Only that doesn't indicate definitive commercial products or disappointment in the making for those who were hoping for processing monsters from day one?

So do Do you plan to offer an external processing unit with hardware similar to that found in built-in graphical cores, or is this some innocent error? We have no answers at this time - but we are keeping our fingers crossed that the home supply will include at least models that could compete with the major competitor's intermediate products.

The coming year is going to be a full year of talk about the architecture - that's for sure


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  1. If interesting - as with the possibility of concatenating more PCIE devices through it - might be worth it

  2. I have only one simple request for this - that will put some order in the mess of the video card entry market. I am tired of seeing useless junk at NIS 200-600, and I would be very happy for reasonable products to do what was asked of them.

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