Getting started with inventory elimination? Particularly low prices for second-generation Ryzen processors

Can not wait for the third generation to come In the Ryzen era? You can purchase the current generation multi-core processors at a surprising cost

The new and very promising family of processors Is expected to begin selling officially in a few days and threatens to devour the balance of power in the home market, but this does not mean that the company's existing models will immediately become useless - The 2000 that can be found in Amazon now should allow them to find their right place, allowing us all to enjoy a large number of processing cores at low prices.

Ryzen 7 2700X model Octagonal leads with body Wraith Prism LED dropped to a base price of 256.28 dollars, or 314.36 dollars including VAT and shipping to Israel - 1,125 only, compared to NIS 1,450 in local stores.

The new prices are considerably cheaper than those received at the time of the announcement - and those with whom the new generation will be launched

The octagonal Ryzen 7 2700 model Dropped to 200 dollars, or 247.58 dollars, including VAT and shipping, which is NIS 890 - when only once was it cheaper than this level to date (with a price tag of 195 for a few days).

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The Ryzen 5 2600X processor is the top hexagon Sold in 160 Dollars as a base and 199.74 Dollars (all-inclusive), compared to the basic price levels of 715 or 180 dollars in the past.

The Ryzen 5 2600 hexagonal model Sold 140 dollars as a base and 176.16 dollars including VAT and shipping - approximately NIS 635 This is a decrease of 60 USD and 30% compared to the launch price of the model, which stood at 200 dollars until just over a year ago.

The existing or future supply? This is a question that may be of interest to many hardware enthusiasts in the near future

So what's better - wait and invest a bit more in the new generation or choose the second-generation discounted models? Feel free to tell what you think about the comments.