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Toshiba Launches New Luxury and Lightweight Laptop

The Portege X30D offers Up to a minimum weight

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Toshiba is not particularly good at the business level, but continues to try its luck in the various consumer categories - both on the And in the laptop market.

A new premium mobile phone called Portege X30 hopes to wink at the target audience, helping to forget some of the troubles at home. How do you do this? With an ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy body that gives the 13.3 screen a total weight of only 1.05. Not the easiest ever, but definitely not far away.

The new computer features a 13.3-inch touch screen based on the 1080p IPS panel, plus a Core i5-7300U or Core i7-7600U dual-core processor , Memory 8 gigabyte or 16 GB, drive-based storage In the M.2 interface and in the XMUMX or 256 gigabyte NVME system 10 version of Pro and speakers created with the help of Harman / Kardon.

It was a while since the last time we met a mobile phone from home Worth telling about

The Poretege X30 includes Bluetooth connectivity 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac based on the 8265 AC card , An 48 rechargeable Watt-hour battery with respect to the weight that is supposed to give 18 (!) Working hours, and an interesting set of connectors consisting of a USB Type-C type connector supporting Thunderbolt 3 technology for charging, transmitting DisplayPort video signals and transmitting information, Back-up support for all products and devices that are still fully supported, a full-size HDMI connection and a microSD card reader. There is also a front infrared camera to identify the face with technology Hello, Built-in Synaptics touchpad, backlighting and fluid-resistant keyboard, TPM 2.0 module for improved security for the enterprise market and even an optional addition of fast, ultra-fast WiGig wireless connectivity.

The " 3 continues to gather momentum, and to our delight, even as many advanced connections as one computer is no longer a dirty word

The Portege X30 offers a fairly thick profile of 15.9 millimeters, which does not prevent it from looking bad at all, and as one of the most impressive mobile products in the latest arsenal of - But will it really be enough against bigger, more diverse and healthier competitors? We're not really convinced, when high price tags of anything between 1,600 euros (including taxes, or US $ 1,500 excluding taxes) to 2,090 euros don't really contribute to improving that feeling. Still - if your soul desires a luxurious and lightweight mobile, There's a pretty interesting opportunity here, and an alternative for the new Microsoft Surface Laptop that will wink at anyone who actually likes the Type-C is small and modern.

Very expensive, but worth it anyway?


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  1. Nice specs, price - not really. Even if business (no warranty mentioned), the IDF is around a thousand dollars and not 1,500.

  2. Hope all computers in the near future will support charging via type-c.
    Really sucks the cumbersome cargoes of today.

  3. Quote of itamar4444

    Hope that all computers in the near future will support loading through type-c. It really sucks in today's heavy cargo.

    Especially since every bag or pouch can now be loaded with an external battery that will be loaded for dozens of hours.

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