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Still there is hope: Toshiba launches a new family of hard drives

The Japanese company, which is in huge debt, does not give up the traditional storage market and reminds us that it has three active competitors, and not just a duopoly

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Brand names like HGST, And even Maxtor may confuse you, but in fact the mechanical hard drives market remains two main competitors, Seagate and - With another small alternative in the form of a company (Toshiba), which reduced its interest in manufacturing only desktop 3.5-inch drives.

Such a situation is not really healthy, to say the least, to a market where we would like to see attractive competition and prices, and so we welcome any new move that might bring about some improvement, like now - when the same Announces New Series Of Products, Specific For Arrays Retina, with its largest volumes so far.

A new guy arrives in the neighborhood

The new N300 series is designed for relatively small NAS arrays with up to 8 drives (But of course you can also use it for regular desktops or larger arrays), and includes three different 4 terabyte, 6 terabyte and 8 terabyte models. All models will rotate at standard speed of 7,200 RPM, include 128 megabytes of Fast DRAM-based cache, SATA III connection for maximum continuous transfer speeds of up to 230 megabytes per second and MTFT (average time to hardware) time of 1 million hours.

The new series joins the advanced series of X300 Launched last year for private consumers, with maximum volumes of up to 6 terabytes

The new models have been developed for the purpose of surviving continuous work throughout the day and all day, as required for the world of storage arrays, and at Toshiba also declare a relatively low power consumption of less than 10 watts for all models, alongside relatively quiet operation of up to 30 decibel For a noise intensity over an average noise environment in a living room (in the 4-terabyte model and up to 33 decibels in the 6 terabytes and the 8 terabytes containing more plates) And reading heads.

These capabilities can not be compared to the capabilities of the Of course, but with other hard drives it's a pretty good supply

The old PMR technology is used for storage on magnetic media, with a capacity of up to 1.33 terabytes each, Better together for the newer and more dense SMR technology - and longevity benefits, too, with bad writing volume for 180 terabyte mechanical drives every year.

The N300 models are coming to the market in the coming weeks, and although we don't yet know what the official recommended prices will be - we hold our fingers that this assortment will help all the prices for Desktops to become a little more user-friendly, both in the NAS and other consumer areas. Who knows, maybe these new series can turn 6 terabytes and 8 terabytes into the new default in the home market soon.


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  1. I have the Toshiba 5 Terra that offered the best price / benefit ratio I found. But .. I had to replace one after two days because of bad sectors .. I mean they have quality control problem. Whatever the case, the replacement has been working fine for months.

  2. I have 2 Toshiba hard disks (Model 2TB)

    The first one works great from the day we purchased it. Been on my brother's computer for six months

    The second came with flawed sectors from the first day we purchased it. It took me 3 months to realize that this was the problem (tests in HDTUNE that highlighted the defective sectors and drive blasts upon arriving at those sectors + corrupted video files) and now the drive was shipped to the importer (originally purchased from AA Computers)

    I guess that is a matter of luck in the end. It's strange to me that a drive is coming up from day one.

    1. I have now bought a Toshiba 3 Terra drive for my wife, and in order not to return to the store with a lost drive, I simply insisted on a quick drive test in the store. In the meantime, look fine.

  3. You should also mention Fujitsu, which produced 2.5 inch disks for mobile at the time. Don't think they sold the line to another company. Be very reliable.

    At the time, Toshiba had a problematic series of 250 gigabytes (2.5 inches). I still prefer WD everywhere.

    Competition - will be facing SSD…

  4. Quote of itamar4444

    Who needs so much terra in the home market?

    Come on. 4K and above movies… HDR images. + The Law of Nature says that every space - it will fill.

  5. Quote of ClassMulder

    I have the 5 terra of Toshiba That offered the best price / benefit ratio I found. But .. I had to replace one after two days because of bad sectors .. I mean they have quality control problem. Whatever the case, the replacement has been working fine for months.

    The same thing happened to me the drive heats up fast and noisy…

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