For students, please remove GPS

Students, please take GPS

Big Brother, Model 2011: 7th and 8th grade students in California will receive an instrument To follow them

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George Orwell must have been stingy in his "I told you" language to hear these things: Anaheim Union High School District, a California school complex, volunteered to attendAn experimental program that will last about six weeks, And its goal is to significantly reduce the number of unjustified absences of students. The method? Of course.

Approximately 75 seventh and eighth grade students enrolled in the compound, which have accumulated over 4 unsatisfactory subtractions so far, will receive (if they, and their parents, "volunteer" for the program) receive asylum Which are about the size of a mobile device, and will have to obey draconian guidelines that include an automatic phone call every morning reminding them that they need to get to school (and on time) Who will monitor their location five times a day - when they leave the house in the direction of the school, when they arrive at the school, at lunch time, when they leave the school and at eight in the evening. In addition, students who participate in the program will be instructed to contact them at least 3 times a week and examine how they are getting along with the program.
"The goal is not to make the program feel like a punishment, but as a tool to help students develop a habit of getting to school," says one of them.
The program will cost about 18,000 dollars from state grant funds when each device Such costs cost between 300 dollars and 400 dollars - which puts the daily cost of the program at about 8 dollars a day for each student, and can pay off very well for the schools themselves, as they lose about 35 dollars for every student who does not attend school.
The program in question has already been tried in places like San Antonio and Baltimore and has been declared a resounding success, with over the course of its six weeks the attendance rates of "breezy" students jumping from 77 percent to 95 percent, and the improvement was maintained (to some degree) That the program is over.

"If you don't go to school we will send you to Anaheim!" One of the students who will have to know
The " Up close in the coming weeks

The students participating in the program were already given the tools and were briefed on the matter, while students with attendance problems from lower grades (4 to 6) were invited to the site, hoping that they would understand what the future holds for them if they do not change their approach.
The program may sound quite rigid (and so do some students and parents who think it is), but given the fact that those missing students may find themselves in a juvenile delinquent institution (and their parents will be fined up to $ 2000, by the way) if the district attorney decides To put parents on trial for allowing their children not to go to school - suddenly the It finds a much more moderate option.

This is not the first, and certainly not the last, time to hear about new technologies that are being used for educational purposes. Do tracking Would it be what would teach students to come to school regularly (or maybe just teach them to make new excuses, like "I didn't have satellite reception, the teacher")? Is it a legitimate plan or a dangerous red line crossing of individual freedom?


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  1. Anyone mentioned The Wire?
    Beautifully remembered… 5 years after trying it out in the Baltimore crime series

  2. Now let's think a little ahead
    And think about how they can get by as soon as they finish a provider and take this GPS from them, or when they reach the age of 21 and parents / school can no longer track them by law:

    Completely dependent on what they are told, unable to control what they do alone

    Adolescence in the Tin: All the things that normal children do at this age won't happen because it's "forbidden and disruptive to schooling"

    Think of this as legitimate, and can do it to their children as well (if they ever have children, I think it would be a bit difficult for them to get a girlfriend and go out with them)

  3. 300-400 $
    200 $ on eBay and have a little money in the pocket!
    They don't know the youth yet ...!

  4. To 2 (11010010110), don't think ahead, go long gone!
    1. "Parents / school will no longer be able to follow them by law"? It reads as follows: "If they, and their parents," volunteer "for the program" - do not force them to participate in the program, simply it will be bad for them in the minority. As some transfers (up to half a year in prison) can be converted into service jobs - not forcing you, but for your benefit…

    2. "Totally dependent on what they're told"? So far they have done what they want, and see what kind of situation they have come to.

    3. "All the things that normal kids do at this age won't happen"? See section 2. Apparently they go beyond what is normal for children their age.

    4. "A little difficult to get a girlfriend and go out with her like this?" Follow-up is only during school. They are not monitored 24 hours a day.

  5. I make calculations like you're paying
    How much do you care
    Good for them and they are funding.

  6. To 4
    When a student is put into the program, or a student meets the criteria for entering the program, it means there is a problem, either in the student or in the system. If the problem is with a student, you can _ hide_ you by following, or _ solve_ it by proper education

    Follow-up works like this: The student knows that he is being followed, and if he goes out he will receive a call / punishment / everything else (and when I say a call, think of it in terms of the student "basa" "tractor" etc and not for you). Once a student finishes school or reaches an age where tracking is invalid, the tracking is over and the former student will start rioting because tracking was the only thing that kept him

    Education works like this: Starting a conversation if the student and finding out what the problem is because they decided to have a problem at all (and what? Grades? Late? Beating?), And the solution is made between people and the student so that he can control himself and get out of the problem without following up. As he grew up, he knew how not to get into or out of a similar problem without help from the school staff

    "Half a year in prison vs service jobs" is irrelevant to the question - these are not school penalties, and certainly not related to education. Remember, a school is an educational institution and not a staffed clock / big brother / watabar

    This whole system is designed to replace the self-judgment of the student in question. Instead of the student seeing what is happening, making the right decisions and following them, there is someone who sees the situation (using technology), makes the decisions, and dictates what to do. Student self-judgment is inactive and will not become active as soon as he exits the system

    A proper response is to work toward correcting a student's self-judgment, and to trust his self-judgment to let him practice and practice correct judgment already as a schoolboy, and if there is a glitch in the first period there are those who will correct it. If the school shows that it trusts the student (which is the exact opposite of the message of such a system), the student is likely to trust the school and contact people he knows (a teacher he knows and trusts, etc.) if he has a problem

    The country is America, their definition of normal or not quite detached from reality

    Follow-up is always around the clock. Studying is not really the first thing in the mind of a normal 10-year-old (who will grow up to be a normal person), and even when he is in school he will be busy, among other things, in social life. And part of normal social life is to freak out if the company is out of school and such

  7. I understand why they did this to seventh grade students
    Because older students in life would not agree to this close surveillance, simply a blatant violation of rights.

  8. Schools become prisons or what?
    At first it is not allowed to leave the school during free hours and then the one who follows you in case you left?
    Don't know what about you, but in my opinion, an institution that is supposed to educate and nurture should not work like an institution for young offenders (although sometimes there are offenders in school - but it is a different story already and should simply get these children out of the normal system).
    The point is that those who do not have to be in prison should not be "groomed" in the same way as a criminal.

  9. To 8
    What you say is absolutely correct. I am an elementary school student (7th grade in Ramat Gan, no middle school) and just, I feel like I'm in jail, even when we have free last hour, not releasing us, why? "Compulsory Education Law" means that they think I'm learning while doing nothing but running around the fields talking and doing things that are: _not learning_
    I look at the huge gates they made for us, that kids wouldn't run away, if a kid wanted to run away he couldn't, it's not that you can't get out of school, they just put the gates there to give us an atmosphere of "we control you and you have nowhere to go"
    And the real problem here is that when some student protests against such behavior of the system, then they will be yelled at, punished, once it happened to me that I opposed it and suspended me from school .. What is a dictatorship here? It reminds me of Stalin's conduct with his generals, all the protests, even the smallest protest, anyone who says Germany is about to attack has gone to the gallows.

    So here it was a little less extreme, but it is reminiscent of dictatorial behavior.

  10. You are all kids !!!!!!!
    In the "11010010110" Union probably as an adult child he had his own decisions, but if you were good children and do not pose great and sit down to learn that it is only for you, and this whole situation in the seam is "Prison is because of you !!!! Because of how you behave !!! !!

  11. דני
    To the parent "12"
    If you are a parent you are an adult. And if you are an adult you should know that Zafar is writing - a school !!!.
    If so, they weren't (where you were) in Zaffer ..

  12. In addition to the venerable and very mature 12,
    Usually the one who complains about the problems of the school is the one who really tries to learn and not a cradle who leaves the school when he comes and throws chairs on the teacher (a strain that seems to me to be nonexistent in the community of this site and so it is good).
    And if you're trying to work on people who are an adult and not a kid who freely writes in fxp, at least pay attention to spelling mistakes

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