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Summary of Israel Championship in StarCraft II of HWzone!

After hundreds of games, dozens of live broadcasts and three equally prestigious prizes, we are proud to sign the largest StarCraft II tournament in Israel under the sponsorship of Gainward.

Over the past month, we have been here at HWzone, the Israeli computer site, together with The Zerling site, Which is a meeting place for the hard core of the StarCraft community in Israel, we were proud to hold the largest StarCraft II tournament in Israel, Gainward The world. During the tournament we recorded a number of records, the most prominent of which are the largest number of entries ever in a similar tournament and of course equal to the prizes. Winner of the Israeli Open Championship at StarCraft II of HWzone sponsored by the company Gainward The world is none other than the actor AiOsho, Probably the most prominent StarCraft II player in the Israeli community.

If you missed live broadcasts during the tournament, you can watch the broadcasts of the games on the YouTube channels of the leading broadcasters in the Israeli community, pleasantness וJoseph. Who missed the final playoff game between AiOsho To-DIsh, Is invited to watch the replay:

We'll give you just a little taste that we're sure will pull you deep into the StarCraft II scene - your pleasure is guaranteed:

The tournament was made possible thanks to the company Gainward Which aims to promote the gaming market in Israel and directly support gamers through award-winning tournaments. Company Gainward Is a leading manufacturer of video cards, and tab are known for quality components and solutions Invested in a captivating design. The following are the winners of the tournament and the prizes they won:

The first prize won AiOsho And took theGainward GTX560TI 1024MB D / DVI HDMI DDR5 Worth NIS 1250 A gift CRG, Importer Gainward To Israel.
The second prize won DIsh Who took with him theGainward GT240 1024MB HDMI Silent TV / O, DVI, DDR3 Worth NIS 400 A gift CRG, Importer Gainward To Israel.

Mouse gaming CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Worth NIS 400 A gift CoolerMaster Won the participant Aesculapius.

If you missed out on the tournament or fell in a relatively early stage, you will be happy to know that this is not the only tournament we are planning for the Israeli StarCraft II community, which has proved itself to be a quality and retarded community.

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