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Super NVIDIA: The new teaser creates echoes

The chip developer is also gearing up for the world's largest hardware show and promises us something that will be super - are these new video cards?

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The Computex 2019 exhibition in Taipei begins next week and AMD is expected to be the nail of the party, but that does not mean that competitors do not make their own surprises to bury the big event. M- We did not expect more big announcements after the chain of launches that accompanied us in the first few months of the year - but there may be a few more aces in the sleeve of Jen-son Huang and his men.

A new official teaser of the company promises us "something super" coming soon - and now the network is scrambling to get what's behind the second 17 video, just before the official chip developer press conference in 27 in May.

At present, opinions seem to be divided, with some estimating that this is a new Titan model that will inherit the Titan RTX (which is somewhat contrary to the fact that the announcement comes through the company's GeForce brand channels, which have been completely separated from the Titan brand in recent years) And others estimate that this may be a material refresh for the Turing architecture that will give us more Interesting for the home market. Another option is exclusive and unique limited edition models - much like the Star Wars Titan models Which were presented a year and a half ago.

Are we expecting another collector version - or something more relevant to the general public?

What are your estimates? Feel free to share with everyone in the comments - or wait patiently for the official reveal around the corner.

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