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AMD's super program: Processor with 48 cores in the manufacturing process of 7 nm

Did you think that the future chip processor's Naples processor is crazy? A company road map reveals even more surprising plans for 2018

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After proving to us the closing of significant gaps in the processing of the single core, and demonstrating to us the potential of its modular approach, You will have to show that it has the technology required to increase this basic design more and more, for dozens of processing cores in one bracket - and from there the sky is the limit.

The first practical proof of this leap of CCX is expected to come this year, with the launch of the Naples processors to the world of servers that will deliver up to 32 physical processing cores and 64 logical processing cores for a particularly tough war with new Xeon families - But now it turns out that 2018 might give us an even crazier product from the developer of Sunnyvale.

We already know Naples well enough, but what about his heir? Apparently there is already one
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According to a roadmap to the business-professional market that was exposed on, Aims to make another major technological leap for FinFET chips in 7 nanometer lithography only, in line with the plans of its upcoming partner GlobalFoundries, in 2018 - enabling it to provide us with a new flagship server market product that fits Starship and includes 48 processing cores (!!), along with SMT technology that will turn them into 96 logical processing cores. All in a single MCM unit, of course, that can be integrated into a single pair and perhaps even a quartet on a single motherboard, for processing capabilities that may be revolutionary in a field that requires complex integer calculations and access to a particularly high-volume cache.

It is difficult for us to believe that we will see 7 nm products for the home market by next year, but we may see our flagship flagship product Doing this - thanks in large part to assembling a number of small chips for one huge computing module

The leaked road maps (which originate from 2016, and hence the data, especially the stated times, with some degree of skepticism) also reveal the company's plans to go in the opposite direction and offer minimalist products with a pair of physical processing cores In a tiny power envelope of 4 watts to 15 watts, somewhere in 2019 and based on the spoken 7 nanometer, plus quad-core processors with a power envelope starting from just 10 watts.

Intel plans to offer us four-core U-processors and six-core HQ processors - and it seems that Plans to join this trend, somewhat late

It is worth noting that all the programs and products mentioned in the previous paragraphs are for the professional market only, servers and supercomputers on one hand and programmed production lines, advertising systems and computer kiosks on the other - but the fulfillment of these programs is likely to come to the launch of parallel marketed products Which is more relevant to us. As part of this roadmap, there seems to be a good reason to fantasize about a future Ryzen processor generation where 16 looks like physical processing cores on home computers, alongside jumping into the mobile market with products that will compete head-to-head with the Y, U and HQ models of , After years of almost total monopoly category.

The future of the CPU market is undoubtedly based on many more processing cores available everywhere and any device, and we have nothing but hope that the developers will also be convinced - and begin to adapt themselves and their products to this new age from now on, to optimize it from day one.


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      1. This brother has been learned from him You heard recently about the i7700k Substitute ointment and got down to you no less than 25 Degrees (Dealing) such things Thank God there is no island if enough

  1. Which servers and shoes, the reason for this processor development, is to run gta IV in 60FPS.

    It's like the race to the moon, and whoever comes first will win precious international prestige.

  2. Processor per thread!
    Why doesn't the 86 world have the idea of ​​some powerful cores and many weaker cores, as is the case in the cellular processors?

    1. That the consumption of electricity in stationary processors is much less critical relative ???

  3. Meanwhile, Intel is already announcing that it plans to release a new processor series within a month (June)
    I9 to include 4 new models with 6-12 physical cores (2 physical cores added to each model) 12-24 logical, memory space to transport 8.25 to 16.5 mega, and several additional extensions to supported standards. The series branding will be 79XX-X / I9-78XX-X. In addition, it also releases two new models for the I7 series with initial 4-4.2 GHZ work frequencies.

    1. Your pathetic i5 will last a few more years. Mine is already 4 and still no signs of old age I put SSD and changed my 7850 radiator to GTX1060 and the computer like new. This is Intel's fault only, there is no point in replacing an entire computer for the addition of 2 frames per second. Technology has hardly moved in terms of performance for several generations, only in terms of power.

  4. :D ^ Strong and tender!

    See yourself officially invited to the "Do Not Upgrade Until The Computer Explodes" club, which we founded a few days ago.

  5. The truth was that I had 2500K until recently and it was excellent, I had to change it to 3770 because of a motherboard problem, there are not too many different ..

    Does not see any need to replace it, it is over and above and will probably remain for many years to come.

  6. These are great processors.

    My 3470 is z77. And this combination allows a nice little OC. The four cores run on 3.8ghz, and the result is excellent for all my needs.

    The 2500K in stock is even stronger than the 3470 in stock, so we won't talk about massive OC ..

  7. Quote of arik100

    Not pathetic…

    My 2500K will take years ...

    My 2500K also runs on lightweight 4.4Ghz….

    Do not see when the market requires and forces more computing power than that at a glance

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