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First place surprise: Toshiba launches 16 terabyte hard drive

updating: The Anandtech website provides additional information about the MG08, which is, after all, a fairly innovative drive - with nine magnetic plates only 0.635 millimeters thick compared to 0.8 millimeters in the past and dual read heads with TDMR technology Information is denser than standard single-head PMR drives. It is very interesting to see where this axis will develop in the hard market.

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Original article: Precisely while the biggest competitors in the market are struggling to commercialize next generation technologies - emerging And steals the show with record volume for the old and familiar storage method

We were convinced that the time of PMR (Perpendicular Magnetic Recording) drives at the summit of the mechanical drives field has officially ended with the 14 Terabyte models, and will have to give way to the new and challenging HAMR and MAMR technologies - and then suddenly arrived Demonstrating that nothing is over yet with the MG08, the new high with volume Of not less than 16 terabytes.

The new hard drive is based on 9 magnetic plates inside a sealed helium cell, in a standard 3.5 format of course, and in the density of information we have not seen in the market, with the previous record being a 15 terabyte drive from Based on SMR writing that requires external software management for optimal functioning - so the benefit from home Should be both total volume and performance.

PMR drive breaks records on its way to the stores

The new hard drive is characterized by a speed of 7,200 rpm, 512MB dynamic cache, average time of 2.5 million hours between critical malfunctions, noise level of 20 decibels above room noise at maximum operation and 24 operation per hour 7 days a week, with total write volume of 550TB per year for a five year warranty period .

We must admit that we did not expect that Will succeed in doing what the two limits in the mechanical market have given up in advance

The MG08 will be offered in both the SAS configuration that is only in information centers and the SATA connection that will also be compatible with PCs, starting in late January - thus targeting the planned 16 terabytes of and- Based on MAMR and HAMR respectively, which are only currently in the internal exams phase. The official price has not yet been revealed, but it is reasonable to assume that it will not be low at all, at least at the beginning of the road.

Will this be the last leading PMR drive, or are there any more surprises ahead of us in the coming year?

Perhaps in the long run You will find yourself lagging behind due to little or late investment in New Age magnetic storage technologies - but for now, the modest actress who has a market share of less than 10 percent has managed to surprise and outperform its two huge competitors holding 90 percent together, which is a Cinderella story True to us.

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