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Teasers on the Net: New Motherboards for AMD

Launch of the next generation The third is fast approaching - and with it a new generation of X570 chipset-based motherboards

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The first big moment of the big motherboard makers on the market is just around the corner. All signs indicate that at 27 in May, in the opening speech of the At the Computex exhibition in Taiwan, we will get exposure to the series of Ryzen 3000 processors for the home processing market with cores 2 manufacturing process of 7 nm of course - and accompanied by new motherboards with new capabilities.

ASRock has released an official video teaser for new Phantom Gaming products that are ostensibly designed for new processors from, While the modest Biostar has released an official announcement picture about the plans to unveil motherboards for a new generation of During an exhibition At the end of next month, without too much room for misunderstandings.

Get ready for colorful motherboards than ever in the new generation - at least with ASRock

At the same time, Gigabyte also handed out invitations to its communicated event which will include the presentation of new gaming products, unmatched hardware at present - the timing next to the press conference for Leaves little room for doubt: it is reasonable to assume that here, too, various colored X570 plates appear, just as it is likely that Asus and Will join the celebration with their own dedicated products.

The Biostar image does not reveal too much, but the description at its side reveals the full picture in advance, in fact

AMD has previously promised support for the At least until 2020, and in the meantime it seems to be up to its word with a third generation sequencer (or even fourth to consider Bristol Ridge, the last bastion of the bulldozer lineage).

is also Takes part in statements - The upcoming Computex exhibition appears to be at the red camp mark, while Intel is focusing on its response to the stationary market with Comet Lake

In recent weeks, rumors and rumors have circulated that some motherboards in the first-generation AM4 (X370 chipset) may not support the new processors, due to something surprising from an official MSI representative - but we have since received an official statement that it was Easy understanding. Currently, the official position is that all motherboards of the existing Ryzen-era generations will also support future processors, giving maximum flexibility to consumers to upgrade the processor only to an existing system or alternatively to lower costs in a new system upon selection Old or even used.

See more details about 3000 coming soon!

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