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Technical details of the Radeon HD 9000 series were leaked

Now that must be the chip giant AMD Is about to release its secret-Radeon HD 9000
Lately we have been hearing more and more rumors about the design of AMD Launch the series of tickets New and secret, most of the rumors were for October when they were launched.
Until this moment we knew that AMD Display its core video cards "Hawaii"At the end of September and officially announcing their departure, we are now being informed by up-to-date information that the release is certain and the tickets will be shelves by mid-October.

Is about to announce that companies like ASUS, MSI, Sapphire and-PowerColor Are expected to begin mass delivery of the new series of tickets in October.
In the picture below that was leaked by one of my partners AMD (Yes I know a slightly different source) we can see vague records about the technical data of the new ticket series.

Here's a summary of what's probably shown:

  • Two versions of cards XT and-Pro(Can be "core"Hawaii"Oh Other)
  • Three configurations 8X DDR5, 4X DDR5, 8X DDR3
  • volume Maximum of 4 gigabytes
  • תוויות 13xxxxxx Apparently, the "PCB (Printed circuit board) in some modelsPCB They may also use the "XT And in the "Pro
  • The XT / Pro numbers shown (number1 / number2) probably indicate the level of speedingOC) Of memory and core respectively

One model would probably have two fans (not the only model) but they should order it first

It follows that we have important pieces of information. Most of the cards will be launched in October and will probably include models DDR3 and-DDR5. Sounds a bit weird to kick out high market segment cards owners DDR3 Unless they are planning on core tickets "Hawaii".

The interesting information is that the chip maker is apparently planning to manufacture cards that have 4 gigabytes but not known if it is a core "Hawaii"Or about Otherwise, because the image does not include the entire chart of leaked listings. There is also no mention of the names of the tickets, we will continue to update when there are interesting developments.


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