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Ten cores and a new resident: Intel Comet Lake processors for desktops

A new leak promises us a new generation for desktops early next year

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After the launch of Two series Processors News for laptops In a very short space of time, a certain sense of neglect can certainly be claimed As far as the world of stationary processors - left with the generation of Ninth launched at the end of last year, as part of the family That accompanies us in the Torah from 2017.

While switching to 10 nm lithography in home processors in the stationary market is still not quite visible in the cards of - It seems that a new generation will take advantage of the cutting edge of veteran and mature production at In fact it will be very soon, with a further increase in the maximum processing cores.

Previous roadmaps revealed potential plans for Intel 10 desktop cores to launch - but later compared to what we are seeing now

An updated model roadmap of the manufacturer presents a model for launching models -S desktops at the beginning of 2020, with possible official CES exposure in January - and based on a new LGA1200 residency, new 400 series motherboards and ten physical processing cores in the leading CPUs instead of eight cores processing as a maximum today.

A new bracket that eliminates backward compatibility - but still with a manufacturing process And without some of the significant improvements we saw in the processors The mobile phones at 10 nm, unfortunately

Comet Lake processors The stationary market will be offered with a formal 35 watt, 65 watt and 125 watt open casing with optimum multiplication and fast speeds - with the latter increasing significantly above the official 95 watt power supply for the most powerful models of the current generation (though we now know That the figure does not necessarily indicate the maximum possible power consumption of the different models). The new processors will offer the same pair of memory channels With 2,666MHz base speed and the same 16 PCI-Express 3.0 arteries directly from the processor itself as we get in Coffee Lake processors now - but will also offer one more technological upgrade with built-in connectivity support The latest 802.11ax standard and standard connectivity 5.0

Comet Lake-S branding will probably belong to the generation of Tenth as on mobile - but what will happen when the Ice Lake processors arrive? That's a no-answer question for now

Intel is expected to face a significant challenge in trying to convince consumers to invest in new motherboards for a new resident for Comet Lake processorsEspecially at a time when AMD's latest Ryzen processors have been pleasantly surprised and proven to be backward compatible with a large range of AM4 motherboards and a wide range of dynamic memories at different speeds and timings - with the transition to ten processing cores at the expense of increased power casing Intel's relative lack of capabilities at a time when AMD is offering 8 cores for sale at unprecedented prices and even the 12 cores at a very competitive price, With the 16 processor cores for the masses who are also on their way to the stores In the near future.

With the ongoing delay in commercial production at 10 nm Certainly not in a simple position at all in the desktop home market - something we haven't seen in a long time

Intel may have no choice but to compare AMD's offer and offer 16 cores on its mainstream platform with The long-awaited transition to 10 nm - And then it will be interesting to see whether this will happen based on the same new LGA1200 bracket that is being revealed to us here, or whether Intel will decide to introduce another new bracket for this era, which will certainly disappoint all those who choose to assemble a system based on Somewhere during 2020 year. What do you guys think about this thing? Let's discuss this with everyone.

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