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Thanks to liquid helium: Intel's new highs

The chipmaker promoted the launch of its Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X processors at the event Which has given us several peaks Official new

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One of the most significant challenges in launching products designed for the top performance market is proof for consumers that they have a reason to exist at all - although there is no doubt that their cost / benefit ratio is not the best. That's exactly what she tried (and did?) In Computex 2017 as part of its new generation duo launch Large with some of the world's finest and newest advanced hardware of all kinds, including an endless amount of liquid nitrogen and liquid helium balloons. The results are as follows: eight world records approved by the senior entity in this field, HWBot, and 23 results, which rank first in their category.

The impressively stable core of the new Core i7-7740K has helped it break several highs in applications where single-core maximum performance is the most important and influential, such as SuperPi, PiFast and several 3DMark test camps that focus on graphical performance, but also include score For physical computation performance of the main processing unit - all of this was done with the help of the Asus ROG Rampage IV Apex motherboard and memories Trident Z of the company .

A new record in Cinebench for ten processing cores

At the same time, The new ten-core i9-7900X has helped break a world record in one of the wPrime performance test settings - at least until we get to see the i9-7960X and i9-7980XE in action not available in this event (as well as the new 12 cores and 14 cores) i9-7920X and i9-7940X).

Use a simple ointment instead of thermal soldering Did not really affect the speed experts who usually remove the chip protector while working - and therefore the peaks accumulated quickly and without special problems

Highlights in the results of the renowned and valued tests Cinebench R11.5 and Cinebench R15 also broke in the event of overclocking - both for four cores processing thanks to i7-7740K, are for six-core with the- i7-7800X and for ten cores with the- i9-7900X, thanks to an impressive frequency of over the 5.75GHz obtained for all ten cores in the processor.

For dessert, the highlight of the entire event was the use of the same liquid helium, at an extremely low temperature (-269 degrees Celsius, and a few degrees above absolute zero), to reach a crazy frequency of 7,577MHz in the- The fresh i7-7740K - which is a new record in the processors i7 has always been, and an improvement in the 250MHz series compared to the extreme frequency achieved by the X- i7-7700K.

This is data that is not necessarily relevant to the home consumer, however advanced - but it is probably one of the best ways to prove that the new models do have better material and technological potential than anything else To the market in the past, and this is an achievement that should not be underestimated.

New record and party reason for Intel

in parallel: In 5GHz?

As part of the Asus show for one of the world's first X399 boards for the generation of Threadripper processors And their TR4 socket, which answers the name Zenith Extreme and includes a screen Built-in could be seen in the display of a decidedly intriguing operating frequency: 5.005GHz, which seems to be a small, quiet hint of the new platform's capabilities.

There is no commitment here to anything, naturally, but it seems that in the big competitor of It is believed that they will be able to bring their 16 cores to a very high work frequency - and we are left to try to guess whether this is an ambition to bring all active cores to such a working frequency at the same time, which will almost certainly be done only through Liquid nitrogen or liquid helium for a short period of time, or in an effort to bring two or four selected cores to this frequency by using Air or standard water a bit more.

A subtle hint of the future around the corner, or just a number with no real meaning?

Either way, there is no doubt that You are already preparing for the stage where you will have to explain and prove to us why we simply must get ourselves a multi-core processor, despite the expensive price.

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