That 's how not to launch a video card opinion

Are you ready for the most powerful AMD video cards? Because they probably are not quite ready yet

I remember that last year (still in the process of adjusting for 2014) held A big performance with the highlight - "Look, we have a competition for the GTX And the NVIDIA GTX 780. "The grand convention was held on a ship formerly used by the US Navy and took place in Hawaii, the island named after the new graphic core.

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"Look, we've changed the names of the new graphics cards and you need to learn the new branding." One after another was presented And dozens of hardware reviewers and journalists (mainly from North America). What we got was old products in new packages and prices were a little better than most.

After introducing the new graphic graphics cards we know, she introduced The core of the flag - Hawaii. Hawaii is the core that sits on the Radeon R9 290 and R9 290X. The idea is simple - Uses two-year-old technology in a two-year-old material to build taller towers than its predecessors (see Value) HD 7970).

Around all of the noise and rush AMD made when it introduced the R9 290X, it did not bother to tell exactly how fast it was, and did not even detail its technical specifications. Professionals travel long hours to show them a video card that has nothing to say except that it is "strong" and "breaching processing boundaries." all of this It happened at the end of September and was transmitted live to you. At the end of the conference, they did not distribute samples to journalists, fed them with promises and expensive seafood, and sent them home hungry for more information.

Past time, speculation continued to brew at a rapid pace in the Internet casserole, NVIDIA held a conference shortly after then already Announced that she would not give the title "the strongest" to move to the red side. At the beginning of November, at last expectations were dissipated and the network began to be flooded with reviews for the R9 290 and R9 290X video cards. One of the expectations was replaced by disappointments for many. I'll explain.

What is the procedure for launching a video card from a hardware manufacturer? very simple. The manufacturer, or AMD , Announces that it will launch new video cards really soon. This is done without giving an exact time or date. In the meantime, the company's PR department is doing eighths around computer sites in order to promote as many of its products as possible. It pushes the graphics card manufacturers who receive the graphics cores (like , and- For example) to send samples and as much information as possible to as many people as possible so that products will receive exposure.

In the meantime, she is preparing the public relations department of the graphics core manufacturer Referred to as Reference, in English. The word is a reference point, a point from which to attribute performance, size, and any other factor to a video card. Reviewers express their opinion and present their performance tests to the video monitors and from there within a short time versions come from the makers of the video cards themselves. When the reference is an accurate chart of the parts and cooling that manufacturers can implement, it is usually possible to change it completely, thus presenting a unique, competitive and attractive product - precisely the reason that each manufacturer It has its own speed and speed.

Thus, in the early days of November we were all exposed to the repertoire that Gave R9 290X and R9 290. Anyone who knows a thing or two about nanotechnology and hardware in general does not think otherwise than it would be graphics cards with particularly high power consumption. Has designed the graphics cards with Blower style, simple, solid, and mostly noisy.

You see, I have no problem with video cards that are not conducive to temperature, noise or speeding capabilities. It is permitted and necessary that AMD and Leaving enough space to improve the default design by third-party vendors. What she did With the design of the R9 290X and R9 290 video cards as the standard in the market bordering on total disgrace. High power consumption of Graphically should be backed by proper cooling, even if slightly noisy.

These graphics in their reference design easily and quickly reach the intolerable core temperature of 95 degrees, from where the control of the printed board reduces the frequencies of the core core operation To maintain this operating temperature, Which will not rise and reach a real boiling point. You do not have to be an expert in thermochemistry and thermodynamics to know that a small copper vapor chamber and some aluminum fans are not enough to cool a tiny, dense area that is the graphics core that emits 300 watts or more. In addition, the fan is forced to rotate at a high rpm, combine it with the cooling structure and you get the effect of the bagpipes called R9 290X.

Many who developed expectations for the purchase of video cards on the first day due to the seductive price probably had their fury at something in their environment as soon as these reviews came up. What do we do at this stage? We are patiently waiting for the next step in launching the new video cards, a third-party manufacturer will provide With proper and mostly proper cooling and suitable for the consumption of electricity. After all, we waited a month and a half, to wait another week will not hurt, do we?

The traditional wait week between reviews and reviews for third-party reviews stretches for two weeks, from month to month and from there to no more. A long period of 45 days dried out "from the dead R9 "until finally they were slowly getting reviews across the network of third-party versions.The drip that began in mid-December continued and spread since then in a limited number of models and with a large difference of days.

Today, the first day of the year 2014 and the situation is so - rare to find in Israel R9 290 and R9 290X they are not a reference, even impossible. Importers simply do not get merchandise for a reason no one is willing to explain there at AMD. Remember the The Bitcoin panic that broke out in December? She made sure that AMD's affordable prices for these video cards would jump significantly, and then the dream of high performance under the 2000 was also gone. Time passes and passes, Coupon coupon on iphone In the form of lowering prices and a variety of models, a new year has begun and next-generation production technologies are close. Maybe this launch was not the best idea?

I hope that, They learned a lesson. They will get another chance this summer to launch the next generation of graphics cards, based on the 20 nanometer production process. A little planning in advance will prevent a lot of headaches and anger from customers on promises that are difficult to sustain in time.