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The Zenbook 3 is the most prestigious laptop that ASUS has created to date

Another new product from the Taiwanese manufacturer is Weight of only 900 grams, which should be a distinct competitor to the Of Apple

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We estimated ahead of time that Asus would come to the Computex show in her home market as she shoots all the guns she has, which is indeed what happened. The company gave the opening signal to the most prominent hardware show in the field and did so with a flood of new and interesting products - including one laptop called simply ZenBook 3 and threatening to steal the spotlight from another popular Book Model in the market, Apple's new MacBook, Launched last year after a break of several years.

The ZenBook 3 has an 12.5 IPS screen and an 1080p resolution with Gorilla Glass 4 And thin margins Which help its physical size be even more modest than what is expected of a mobile in this size category, combined with chips i5 and i7 is a dual-core U-family of the Skylake generation (a thermal envelope of 15W, M).


These base data are combined with LPDDR3 memories up to 16GB, drives 512GB, 256GB or 1TB (the two largest models with PCI-Express connectivity and transfer speeds up to 1,700 megabytes per second), system 10, of course, is a large touch panel with glass Built-in Herman / Cardon audio system and a built-in 40 watt-hour battery, which guarantees up to nine hours of work between charging and charging - when charging is relatively quick, with a promise of 60 percent capacity in fifty minutes.

The ZenBook 3's specification sounds very reasonable, but it gets really impressive when you consider its sleek metal casing, which is only 11.9 millimeters thick at the most work point and weighs 910 grams - data that sounded just as imaginative in the world of Windows PCs two years ago, but Today is fast becoming the new standard for manufacturers.


Bassus also boasts a keyboard with a click depth of 0.8 millimeters - twice that of the, For more comfortable and "tangible" typing

Asus's ultrabook is trying to be better than the MacBook in all parameters, and it succeeds in this task on paper, although unfortunately on the way there it is also adopting one of the least positive elements of the model from - Essay Only one fast Type C, which functions as both the charging point and connecting information transfer and transferring image of the computer. Basus will offer a mini external docking station that will "deploy" the single connector for several connections to each ZenBook 3 buyer, but it is unclear what this restrictive resolution means - if there is room for a single Type C connection in the model, why not offer one or two more Is this to allow external charging and connection?


Aside from this complaint, we don't have too many bad things to say about the ZenBook 3 - it will be available in gray, dark blue or gilded (all with light gold embellishments), and in three different models: Basic with Core i5-6200U chip, RAM 4GB and fast 1,866MT / s and drive Based on 256GB 1,000GB controller, base model with Core i7-6500U processor, 16GB RAM and 2,133MT / s speed and 512GB PCI-Express drive, which is undoubtedly the most relevant offer in the price tag of 1,500 USD , And a top model that will be the same as the intermediate model but with a drive Based 1TB PCI-Express and a massive price tag of 2,000 USD, designed primarily for consumers who are not aware of market prices, The latest.


The ZenBook 3 models should be available in markets around the world in the coming months, and we hope that the costs in Israel will be close to those recommended in the previous paragraph, and not only those aimed at oligarchs.


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  1. Beautiful and professional review. respectable.

    ..I had an ASUS computer that at the time was considered to be the same as the one in the article. When it came time to get a service .. It turns out that in Israel there may be a situation that the importer (Ronlight) may be allowed to import computers even if he has no service at all. It is good to have a class action today against him for no service. It is inconceivable.

    1. I considered buying an Asus mobile and got off the idea because of the service. The whole country is full of complaints about them. (And for Lenovo)
      It turns out the situation is pretty similar in the US, too.

  2. The blue is crazy, my life, but unfortunately as the story states, they fall where Apple falls - there's only one port (and I don't like OSX, but that's another issue). How hard it was to stick another one on the other side. Yes, I'm sorry, I want to load the computer, and plug in a mouse, and maybe even plug in a portable hard disk - at the same time (and without carrying all kinds of toys for that). What does it require so much?

    1. Because of the service. You put the laptop in for repair and wait two months and even then when you come there are glitches.

  3. It's crazy.
    1: 1 Bottle
    You can't help but admire Apple if Asus simply mimics its innovative product just amazingly.

    1. The whole market is copying from each other and there is no reason or reason not to. This is how it works. Although most APPLE FANBOYS are 100% secure that Microsoft's wicked people copied the windows from Apple (because that's the cliche), the truth is that Apple copied the GUI from XEROX (decades ago) when Microsoft in turn took it from Apple. But what does it matter? That's how the technological world evolves for the benefit of us all.

      1. How exactly did they come to this poor thing? Not only is it two different things it's not even on the same basis, OSX is based on UNIX as Linux, and Windows is based on NT.
        And yes most of the market is copying and there are not many innovations unfortunately

        1. You get confused between the Kernel kernel and the GUI. Apple copied the concept of the GUI, which is (to some extent) another software that sits on the operating system. For that matter, there are already desktop computers that are very similar to Windows that can be embedded on Linux

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