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The era of PCI-Express 4.0: a greeting to storage, yawning for video cards

An interesting comparison on Techpowerup makes it clear that it will take quite some time before we can meet graphics cards that are capable of maximizing the bandwidth that is maximized by the new and new communications trunk

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Besides improving performance, improving work efficiency and increasing the number of available cores has brought us The Ryzen 3000 generation Interesting line in the first form of support of the PCI-Express 4.0 standard, which also stars on the official packages of the products - along with motherboards In the X570 chipset וRadeon RX 5700 and Radeon RX 5700 XT cards Which are all suited to technology and together are supposed to allow double-bandwidth use from that known to us in the age of 3.0. Is this really a big news that has dropped the scales in AMD's favor? The answer is yes and no, at the same time.

Members of the Techpowerup site Were quick to conduct a practical examination Of the new device under The Radeon RX 5700 XT card In a variety of modern gaming titles, and come back with not-so-surprising conclusions - even under basic modern resolution of 1080p (the width of the movie consumed by the author Mainly affected by the number of processed frames per second, and less than the display resolution of each frame) 4.0 × 16 and the artery 3.0 × 16 and nose and artery 2.0 × 16 veterans are minimal and stand at 3-4 percent in extreme cases, and less than 2 percent on average.

Whatever modern resolution you choose - you will not be able to tell a real difference between maximum New Age bandwidth and half or even a quarter of it
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While it's great to see the Frustrating to the future and adopting new hardware technologies, this test proves beyond a doubt that it will be a long time before we can meet graphics cards that can express the advantages of the 4.0 - this is when there is a connection today 2.0 × 16 (which gives a bandwidth similar to only one quarter of the connection 4.0 × 16) is enough not to create a bottleneck in systems under any conditions.

Choosing a motherboard based on the X470 chipset or even the B450 can be quite logical and worthwhile for the next generation. 3000 - Even without PCIe 4.0 support

Purchasing a X570 family board solely in the hope of getting maximum and improved performance from the graphics processing card in the system is not a wise step, then - but purchasing a X570 board for the possibility of using faster NVMe drives than ever is a real and practical option here, as we began See Already in the first products based on the Phison E16 controller. But it is doubtful that we will see the storage drives further improve later thanks to the 4.0 so that the device is not unnecessary at all - but as intelligent consumers you should be aware of where its benefits come from and where not really.

Drives Agile are the biggest earners 4.0 already today - with much more to go

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