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The Extreme Re: Core i9 9980XE processor with 18 cores in the controller

Intel is refreshing its state-of-the-art HEDT processor line - and we're off to see what it looks like in comparison to last year's flagship product

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A year passed quietly Since the launch of Intel Its ultimate platform for personal computers with a LGA2066 chassis. This chassis, like other Extreme Sockets, included one chipset that is relevant and sold to this day .

LGA2066 chassis First came with processors With a larger amount of cores than 10 for the desktop world, and it seems that this announcement at the time was a surprise even for motherboard makers themselves. With 12-18 processors cores was actually born in the i9 Core brand that came to create a separation between For wealthy owners - processors for wealthy people. i9 7900X has a core 10 launched at the price of 1,000 dollars and i9 7980XE has already reached the price of 2,000 dollars.

The need for multi-core processors was born from the great request to strengthen the rendering world, AI and many other fields that until now have processors 6-10 cores have had the maximum power they could use on desktop computers. Was the first to release 12 processors and 16 consumer cores, and Intel responded quickly and added a model with 18 cores.

Since then, quite a bit of water flowed into the river, and earlier this year one day arose To a reality where competition offers processors with more than 16 cores. Recently, threadripper processors with 24 and 32 cores have been launched at prices comparable to processor prices With half of the processing units.

Intel decides to keep its cards in the hands with a response to these processors, and decides to refurbish the existing LGA2066 processor series. The maximum amount of cores for this socket does not change.

A whole new series

In fact, the ninth generation series currently being launched for the LGA2066 chassis is an enhanced series of Owners of 8 to 18 cores. Processor pricing versus those of the previous generation remains the same in principle.

Orange - the new series, green - the previous series

This launch is actually a complete replacement of any previous series. Prices are slightly more affordable for each layer, and several layers are also awarded technical improvements. The maximum price for the flagship still remains in the 2,000 dollar area. But there are a few changes that are actually the crowning glory of this new generation, which is called -X Refresh.

We say goodbye to a lot of tears from the 4 and 6 cores to this bracket that existed in the previous series. Of course, the move is understandable - today when 8 processors have cores for the LGA1151 mainstream. Let's start with reference to the big changes that are making -X Refresh.

What changes were made from the previous series?

First and foremost, the thermal soldering makes a comeback, and how we missed it. generation X-7000 did not include a soldering solution between the processor cover and the core body itself, and standard thermal grease was used. This has resulted in extremely high operating temperatures even under the use of the most advanced closures on the market. The heat transfer was actually so plugged between the core and the lid that many Overclocks had to use the tools to remove the lid just to use liquid metal to lower the temperature.

Another improvement of the new processor series is the increased PCI-Express 3.0 bandwidth available in the processor. The days are over Different will allow different interfaces for all motherboards - all Skylake-X Refresh processors from i7 9800X to the i9 9980XE include 44 PCI-Express ports divided into different external interfaces. Chip set There are additional 20 arteries in its own.

There are a few more improvements to some models in the new series compared to previous generations. For example, i9 9800X has 8 cores and 16 capillaries becomes much more relevant as a parallel option to i9 9900K. Users give up a small percentage of gaming performance, but receive a processor that fits the socket with a significantly rich connectivity and capability Enhanced thanks to the increased core space - the heat is less compressed and therefore easily dispersed. Also quantity The cache has improved from the previous generation and leaped from 11MB to 16.5MB. This is a welcome improvement to the Extreme Processor under the 600 line.

Another improvement to the sharp eye is the 10 cores. You i9 7900X In the $ 999 price tag, i9 9820X with a small price tag of $ 889, and it comes with the bonuses of the new series, so you can get your predecessor to retire from the store shelves.

In addition, we expect the new chips to have higher quality silicon thanks to the maturity of the production process and therefore naturally able to reach higher frequencies. It is good to have thermal solder to allow this. In fact, it seems that in some models the thermal envelope from 140W has risen to 165W.

Enhanced Flagship - i9 9980XE

The most powerful processor you will find for the LGA2066 chassis, i9 9980XE. This processor contains 18 cores and 36 capillaries using HyperThreading technology.

Processor i9 9980XE at rest

Software for identification CPU-Z is first identified as i9 7980XE and I think there is symbolism here. The processor itself at least at the silicon level is exactly the same as the i9 7980XE, and some of the improvements are those outside the chip itself as the same solder. Of course, the ID name is expected to be updated in a close software update.

As a result of the improvements noted in this audit, she decided Increase the minimum base frequency of the processor from 2.6Ghz to a much more respectable frequency of 3.0Ghz. Running an effort test using the AVX command set does confirm that it is the frequency at which the processor is running.

When the processor is in an effort without the AVX command set, we noticed that all 18 cores are operating at a frequency ranging from 3.6Ghz to 3.8Ghz. For comparison, the processor i9 7980XE is found at the frequency of 2.6Ghz at the AVX voltage and at the frequency of 3.0Ghz to 3.2Ghz during standard effort for all cores. This is a welcome improvement.

Unlike the many reviews that some of you will visit in the next few days in a variety of sites and magazines, we decided to focus mainly on improvements made in this refreshment generation compared to the previous generation, because the exact architecture and operating temperatures and frequencies are the only ones that will make a difference between the two. After more than a year since he left i9 7980XE To the world air, there is quite a bit of information about In various uses.

Test system and performance tests

Our testing system includes the following components:

  • Motherboard PREMIUM -A LGA2066
  • זיכרון Vengeance Pro 2666Mhz 4X8GB
  • Video card Gigabyte Geforce RTX 2080 Ti OC 11GB
  • Cooling processor Kraken X62
  • drive 900p 280GB
  • Processor i9 7980XE
  • Processor i9 9980XE
  • 3 Computer screens at 1920X1080 resolution

Let's start with the effects that a physical change like a welded lid to a processor can do.

We put this computer system with the two different processors together with the effort of Aida64 Engineer in a continuous AVX effort mode. We took the measurements from the wall socket to the entire computer system, which are the indices that constitute the maximum electricity consumption observed.

I'm not surprised by the addition of 30W to CPU power, because the exact same architecture and higher frequency that one should expect. The climb in power consumption is a direct effect of choosing a higher frequency. It is the most power hungry processor that Intel has ever released for desktop systems.

During the processor strain test, which took about an hour, we also took CPU temperatures with the same cooling, Kraken X62, whose fans are precisely tuned to 50%, is the same as the same cooling volume. The power of the pump was also aimed at maximal power.

Despite the slightly higher consumption of electricity i9 9980XE, we observed a dramatic improvement in cores temperature in the processor. Decreasing from 82 to 65 ° C only shows how thermal soldering is like oxygen to these processors. This leaves room for overclocking and also allows the installation of simpler, and quieter, layouts.

Cinebench is a rendering test from the creator of the Cinema4D rendering engine. This test roughly paints the differences in the render strengths between the various processors, and it does so in a rather precise way, even though it is synthetic. We made sure to enable the Turbo Boost 3.0 technology Before running the performance tests so that the Individual effort is quite high and stands at about 4.5Ghz.

Even when all the cores are in an effort, the 9980XE overrides its predecessor by several percent.

In the Blender rendering test, the new 16 processor was able to shave seconds from the render time of the previous rendering of the car image and reach 160 seconds. For comparison with this test, To the Core i9 9900K processor that we tested 243 took seconds to render the same image.

We also took the two processors for a few games in order to test improvement, and improvements were certainly measured, but they are relatively insignificant. Games now explicitly do not produce higher graphics performance using 18 processors cores compared to 8 processors faster cores per core core i9 9900K and i9 9700K.

The improvement exists, but is not particularly significant, and is based on the artificial improvement in the frequency it determined .

Summary - the hardware is good, the prices less

The Core i9 9980XE processor is a familiar vendor update. This is a processor that symbolizes for Intel the peak of its ability in a desktop chassis in the 14 nanometer generation. We have known this architecture more than last year, and in the mainstream still more Since the emergence of Core i7 6700K In August of 2015. On a technical level, the new processor is so old that no BIOS update is needed and in fact, there have not been any major outages for existing motherboards to make any compatibility with these processors.

The thermal soldering is great news for those who want to take the LGA2066 chassis a little more seriously and need the features that Intel specifically knows to give to a host of existing software on the market. The same welding allows the construction of a quieter workstation simply because of the possibility of the fans rotating at a leisurely pace.

Processors such as Core i9 9980XE and brother to the new series are also an excellent opportunity for the various upgradeers who have already purchased Extreme processors in the previous generation and want to progress to a larger cores. כמו i7 7800X Hexagon-core can be a step to jump to a chip like i9 9820X has a core 10 cost of several hundred dollars if the user is ready to buy and sell.

The opening bracket of the chassis is now significantly better than it was a year ago, with a fresh core octagon in the form of a Core i7 9800X that finally comes with built-in 44 PCI-Express 3.0 paths. The partition between the various models is over thanks to the need for improvement and as a result of competition. The story of Having low core cores for extreme chassis. Obviously, the beginning should at least fit into the mainstream banner.

As far as CPU viability is concerned, and in return for price, I think Intel missed an opportunity to make far more aggressive pricing in this processor series compared to the previous one. I am confident that if they are priced more competitively, the sales success will increase.

The Core i9 9980XE with the core 18 is offered at a price of about $ 2000 starting today. His direct competition is the Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX , A processor with an 32 cores and a significantly different cardiac composition. Depending on the software, the user has to decide which of them will be the best choice. Some programs prefer one processor and others prefer the other.

Games, as a bonus, will prefer the higher operating frequencies that Intel offers, but for that there are significantly cheaper processors. Of course games are more or less the last priority of a user who wants a processor with such high cores. Acceleration algorithm of Allows for the exception of cores to reach very respectable frequencies.

In my estimation, the price of about $ 1300 for the new flagship along with a relative decrease in all the other models in the series would make Skylake-X Refresh very worthwhile because these are powerful processors with healthy overclocking capabilities, and software that love architectures Produce quite a bit of them. I have the hope that falling prices is not a topic that has come off the table for .

Either way, it turns out that this is the family that will finish the 14 chapter of the nanometer In the Extreme Desktop Bracket until the long-awaited arrival of 10 nanometer processors one day. Core i9 9980XE is the new "best" of , And improves on several fronts its performance over me i9 7980XE. An improvement in price can make it particularly competitive and there is hope that this is likely to happen.

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