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EVGA launches: GeForce RTX 2080 Ti sane

EVGA is the first manufacturer to present a model of the dreaded card at its official minimum price In the beginning

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A glance at the pages or printers of computer stores in Israel and abroad will reveal very low availability for the brand's flagship product , God- 2080 Ti, which also leads to very high price levels for the few models available for immediate purchase.

The RTX 2080 Ti probably will never become a model that is available and suitable for everyone, but we can certainly hope for slightly more reasonable price levels for all those who can afford it, and now the American EVGA is giving us little hope that this really happens - with Black Edition Gaming model Double fan that carries a recommended price tag of "1,000" only.

Cuts rival prices again

The price in question is the lowest it promised us At the launch of the product, and despite the fact that it comes along with basic working frequencies that the manufacturer is forbidden to speed up (according to the price level chosen) - we are already aware that it can be performed Manually and with relative ease you can bring the model into very similar capabilities to those of the cards 2080 Ti, which are priced at 1,200 or more.

The cooling array on the Black Edition model is very similar For more advanced and expensive models - and the difference between the units may add up to the frequencies with which they are offered directly from the factory

At present, the EVGA "Moselle" model is not yet available in major online stores - but we hope it will happen soon, and will be a siphon that will require more companies to provide more competitive and cost-effective models. Until then, it is worth noting that EVGA is one of the few manufacturers that also offer GeForce RTX 2070 for the base price of 500 and also RTX 2080 for the price of 700, Ie the lowest prices that can be expected at least at this early stage for the.

We still find it difficult to digest that 1,000 dollars pricing should be considered competitive for a graphic card for home users - it is only left to a new wave of competition in the field that will prevent this situation from becoming the new default


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  1. אל תשכחו שאתם קונים את הכרטיס הזה לכמה שנים אז זה מתקצץ לעלות של 1000 עד 2000 בשנה(תלוי מתי אתם מחליפים אותו)
    יש עוד כרטיסי מסך טובים בשוק לא חייב ללכת על הכי יקר

    1. מה הבעיה לקנות כרטיס בחצי מחיר שיחזיק לאותה תקופה?
      2080TI היא חתיכת חומרה יקרה ולא משתלמת, כמו כל כרטיס קצה עליון.

      1. I wrote that there are other good cheap tickets only if you look at the long term is a card that will hold you for a few years instead of you buy a ticket half price that according to the development of graphics will hold you less time

  2. Those who must be on the high definition constantly and uncompromising will have to exchange a maximum card every two years, no matter what he buys.
    Those who are willing to compromise can get along well with a ticket that costs less than half

  3. 1000 $ This is a price on paper, there is no store that offers the 2080TI even close to that price, most of which is also above 1200 $. I'll believe them to see it in my eyes.

  4. Let's assume that this is the price, or what other price you predict will appear on Amazon, will there be a similar price in Israel?

    1. תוסיף בסביבות 2000 שקל אבל
      המחיר ההתחלתי על הנייר הוא 4000 מה עם כסף לחנות וכו'

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