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Another one for the collection: Kingston introduces a new agile SSD drive

Will the American manufacturer be able to provide a competitive offer with a product that supports half of the maximum bandwidth of the modern M.2 connection?

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More and more storage products manufacturers decide to expand and expand the range of storage drives Modern and fast, separate from the old SATA device and the hardware that supports it, Effective and dedicated to the field - and now Kingston is choosing to join a group with a new (relatively) budget model named A1000.

A combination of the Phison E8 controller that supports only PCI-Express 3.0 × 2 artery (half more advanced NVMe controllers) and four memory channels On the drive itself along with a TLC chip Toshiba 256-gigabyte 2-D 240D enables M.960 drives to be created between 1,500GB and XNUMXGB - with modest maximum transfer speeds of up to XNUMX MB per second, and as Yes Randomized up to 120,000IOPS in reading and up to 100,000IOPS in writing.

Not new - but new, and with potential

The good news is that the narrowed-artery controller should be very economical and make the A1000 drives (which also support DevSLP for minimal standby consumption) very relevant for computer-based . There is no support for corrosive encryption, but there is DRAM-based cache, An SLC-like cache, given 2 MTBF of one million hours, and a five-year warranty with a total write-up of up to 0.34 daily drive deletions (DWPD).

The competition against popular 960 EVO drives Will not be easy at all

The official recommended retail prices will be $ 120 for 240GB, $ 215 for 480GB - and $ 400 for the 960GB leading model.

A taste of performance in the 960 GB version, from the first review published on

This is not the Kingston's first, but the company is definitely lagging behind in its offerings in the field, and is only just beginning to try to close the gaps with actresses who have expanded their offerings to four, five and even more drives in the category. The prices are not quite on target at the moment, but we continue to believe that as large a supply as possible will help us get "liquidation sales" from time to time at costs that will be difficult to refuse.


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