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NUC is the most powerful in the environment: a tiny computer with a hexagonal processor cores

Looking for maximum power in Intel's smallest configuration? This device may be the dream come true for you

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We really like the NUC computers of the Next Unit of Computing And their derivatives from other manufacturers, which offer computer hardware Diverse in dimensions that will easily find their place near and behind any computer screen In the bedroom or in the living room.

You can now find base models of these computers with modest and economical Celeron and Atom dual-core processors, while at the same time with much more powerful and powerful Kaby Lake-R processors - but if that's not enough for you, you can now find a similar model based on the - i9-8950HK, Which has six physical processing cores with an 45 Watt power envelope and even an open frequency multiplex that provides additional acceleration potential.

A computer less than a liter and a half - which has a fairly impressive processing power

The NUC-like computer comes from a relatively unknown Chinese company called EGlobal, combined with a pair of slots In a portable SO-DIMM to up to 32GB, an 2 slot for 2280 drives And place an additional 2.5, or mechanical, drive Based on flash chips.

The S200 model includes Integrated wireless connectivity with Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11ac, including a small pair of external antennas for transmission and reception, and the range of connections it offers consists of four USB ports 3.0 Type-A, a single USB Type-C port (no support for technology 3, unfortunately), integrated audio connector, power connector for external power supply, Gigabit Ethernet wired and HDMI ports and Mini-DisplayPort for .

The computer can be purchased with a processor i5 quad-core processors i7 hexagonal cores, i9-8950HK leading open-label owner - and even the processor E-2176M laptop

The EGlobal S200 computers are available for purchase Through several hardware stores on the AliExpress platform already, At prices starting at slightly more than 300 base versions with the Core i5-8300H quad-core processor with no storage or dynamic memories - when it is unclear whether they will ever be seen in Western online stores such as Amazon or Newegg. Could Intel be designing its own powerful NUC versions with six-core processors? This may be possible After seeing Hades Canyon With processors -G, although on the other hand it is not certain that this will happen based on a maximally configured configuration such as that of EGlobal.

It is worth remembering that the graphics core in the different models is the one built into processors - Intel UHD Graphics 630

Is this computer worth testing for your taste? Let's talk about it in comments.


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  1. NUC is an Intel brand, a computer from another company can not be called NUC, as a phone from Samsung can not be called an iPhone.

  2. Joins Huber's opinion. I bought from Eglobal in the past and have a good opinion about them,
    But in this case it seems to me that they are using the unlicensed NUC name from Intel.
    There's hardware inside Intel, but the box is different from the usual designs of the NUC,
    So I suspect it's not Intel's original NUC.

  3. It does not matter. NUC is a complete product, with / without memory and storage, depending on generation and configuration.

    You can not add brand names to other companies.

    Once there is no full NUC from Intel, it's an Intel-based computer, but not a NUC, even if it's the same as NUC.

  4. Quote of Gico

    Once there is no full NUC from Intel, it's a computer based Intel, But not walnut, Even if corpulent is the same aswalnut.

    True, Agree.

    That's why I brought the example of GigaBite.

    Their product is NUC for all intents and purposes,

    Just in their production. That's why it's called another brand.

    If the companies, for obvious reasons, insist on different brands,

    It is also useful to bring an article in the matter to ensure that the wording is more precise.

  5. NUC or SHMUK really is not interesting.
    $ 300 as the base, what does it do besides gliding to write a document and play a movie?
    Is not it better to TV-BOX instead (cheaper?)

    If there was a video card ... .. something that would allow to work with a respectable amount of CUDA,

  6. I do not understand how such a small box will function in terms of heat dissipation with such a processor. I think this is not appropriate for this configuration.
    Sure with games with the fast ..
    I would not buy.

    1. If laptops can hold such a configuration (and also support haste), there is no reason why a desktop computer with a real fan (which takes air from one side to the other) will not be able to maintain such a system

  7. Every time I see these little products I am filled with wonder, especially the computer on stick so much power in such a small package.

    Just think about the old Pentiums or their predecessors x86 for their generations.

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