The Quiz of the 51 Award: HWzone Water Cooler Kit

The Quiz of the 51 Peres: Water cooling system for processor

This week in a quiz - so that the processor is cold and the wallet is not empty, we grate the kit correctly Antek's water, which will cool you until winter comes

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You have to find the words in the crossword until you finally fill in the blue squares. From the letters in the blue squares, the answer word has to be put together, the order of assembly is top to bottom and right to left. When sending the solution only the solution word should be sent, all other answers are not needed. Letter mixing puzzles will be marked with (p). Riddles that are marked as hearing are riddles that imply that the answer word sounds like another word but not necessarily written like it. For those of you who want to send puzzles they created - please send the puzzle with the solution and write in the title "Puzzle + Solution".



1. For pleasure Kurtz from heaven (6) according to Judah c.
3. Bowed down to me? (3)
4. You'll find a bartender bartender, and a mobile gadget (5)
5. This game is zero and unit of measure (6) by Hagai K.


2. Word Processing Software (7,4)
3. Sounds like killing a monster for an information table (5) (Q)


1. Games
2. Word Processor
3 balanced. Code
3 orthogonal. Catalog
4. A tablet
5. Solitaire

The hidden word is: location

50 users sent their answers to the 51 quiz, of which 49 answered correctly.

The winner is: Yifat Goldberg - Congratulations!

The prize: Antec KÜHLER H2O 950


"High Performance With Only One Fan" Refrigerant review Previous in the series)

The answers should be sent to: [Email protected] By Saturday 20 / 09 / 14 at 16: 00. Successfully!

Please note that starting with this quiz, all the quizzes will be held for a whole week, from Saturday evening to Saturday at noon next week.

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