RTX technology reaches Battlefield V - cutting performance into HWzone
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RTX technology reaches Battlefield V - cutting performance in half

A patch that is released with the official launch of the title of action in question provides us with an opening for tracing horns in games - and indicates that there is much more to be improved before it becomes a basic commodity in the field.

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One reason for the existence of the RTX market, as tickets plus a relative price of tens of percent compared to their counterparts in the E-, Is their ability to perform calculations of advanced beam tracing for enlightenment and realistic reflection in an uncompromising manner in both professional rendering and gaming.

This technology is still in its infancy, there is no doubt about it, and it seems that its first real implementation of the games does not succeed in bringing down someone from his chair.

Trace of horns is finally here - but not sure she's ready for her big, spoken debut

RTX technology for the integration of traceable game horns V was added, as promised, by an update on the official launch day of the title (which was received with a fairly mixed trend among both players and visitors) Only the material elements that are required to accelerate this processing - and from a variety of documentation and impressions that have already appeared on the web - show that it is difficult to discern the graphical change, but the performance that is cut aggressively can not be missed.

Examinations of all three GeForce RTX models available in stores, at resolutions of between 1080p and 4K and under a variety of graphical settings all painted a similar snapshot for us - enabling DXR capability (MDR DirectX RayTraycing, the framework that enables home technology ) Causes a drop of about half of the game's display rate, especially when it is set to ultra-high or high-state, which should give the most realistic and noticeable effect.

There are four different levels of DXR to choose from - all of which affect performance very much

It is not possible to state that there is no difference at all in the state in which DXR operates and in that it does not operate - it is noticeable that reflections in puddles, various wet objects scattered in the field and even across the metal weapons are significant, clearer and more reliable, but it is impossible to claim that this addition Completely changes the face of the title, while immersion in view rates below 60 frames per second (especially at 1440p and 2160p resolutions) in a state where the DXR operates will certainly be felt for every player and any modern display.

Selected benchmark results for 5, from techpowerup.com and techreport.com

NVIDIA is proud to announce that track tracing is the future of the graphics world, but in the meantime, it seems that it and its partners are still expecting a bit of work to prove to consumers that the tech world is truly due, and this is not a grandiose idea that will not survive the test of reality - we will keep our fingers crossed for improvement and continuous improvement. Graphical effects and performance in the near future, both for V and other future games that should offer DXR support.

There will be a variety of opportunities to leave a more positive impression in the coming months - we will continue to monitor all developments

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