The Radeon R9 380X has been launched, with a lower price than the predicted HWzone
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The Radeon R9 380X was launched, with a lower price than expected

New model Does not smash the competition, but nevertheless offers a good alternative that will turn even better when the price falls below the recommended cost

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According to the estimates - AMD has launched a new video card, which may be the penultimate model of the current Pirate Islands generation, before the mysterious dual-core model introduced somewhere in July. The new model is of course The Radeon R9 380X, Designed to be a prominent representative of the popular middle market, and does so based on a complete Tonga core with 2,048 processing units at a base frequency of up to 970MHz, and 4GB of At an effective 5.7GHz frequency, with an 256 bit interface that actually gives bandwidth of about 182 / GB per second.

nrn3A pleasant surprise comes to us from the price of the new model - 230 dollars only (from which 240 or 250 prices are derived for the designated design models of the various manufacturers), compared to the 250 dollars mentioned above. Even the actual price does not make the Radeon R9 380X an unprecedented find, but it at least distances it from the current price level of The Radeon R9 390 and the- GTX 970, which are so good that it's hard to ignore.


In terms of performance, the new card offers a very similar level (and sometimes even the same completely) Radeon R9 280X It is a hardware that will properly handle most games with 1440p resolution, although in practice it seems to be optimal for FullHD resolution, assuming that the goal is to play titles in their maximum graphic settings or close to a given hit, and at the rate of 60 frames per second Least.


Performance Of the Radeon R9 380X stands at about 30 above the intermediate intermediate card of , The GeForce GTX 960, as 15 to 5, R9 380 (depending on the resolution being tested) and 30 percent to below the next level performance of the R9 390 and GTX 970. Probably you could call it a good place in the middle.

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The performance of the R9 380X, according to the data of herself

At the current price of 230 or 240 dollars, which will probably be translated into NIS 1,200 and above here in Israel, the R9 380X feels like a recommended purchase only for those who can not invest a few hundred extra shekels under any circumstances. Better for money on paper, and at the same time those who pay less will be able to get an apparently less reasonable deal on the R9 380 or the GTX 960 - yet if the price of the R9 380X falls below the official level, It is common in the intermediate market, somewhere in the direction of the 200 USD (or about 1,100 NIS or less here in Israel), it can become a much more interesting deal, similar to all the models we have compared here, Of their launch price.

A summary of the performance of the R9 380X, according to a slightly more neutral source that comes from hardwarecanucks
A summary of the performance of the R9 380X, according to a slightly more neutral source that comes from hardwarecanucks

In conclusion, it can be stated that the R9 380X is a successful addition to the line of . He does what the R9 280X, but with reduced power consumption and quieter (although that depends a lot on the specific model), and leads reasonably over the performance of the R9 380, GTX 960 below.

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The well-known graphics of techreport help illustrate the R9 380X's status as a card that does not really offer new cost-benefit peaks - but also proves the great improvement it has made In terms of the stability of the performance of its graphics cards. Breathe

A recommended price similar to the market prices of the Radeon R9 280X may paint a less positive picture for it - but remember that the same old 280X models will gradually disappear from the market, so it is very good that they have an heir who probably has fallen below the official price limit in the not too distant future. For an even better offer - after all, the R9 280X was originally launched for 300 dollars. Now we can only hope that the driver improvement initiative of Will bear fruit - and then may seem to users begin to migrate, and the company added a little more than 18 percent of the market share of the graphics cards it has as of today.


Agree with us or think the R9 380X is a pointless product? We would appreciate your feedback.

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