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Red Prince: The Ryzen 5 3600X processor in review


The greatest enemy of the family i5 comes under review - 5 3600X is a six-core processor that has already begun to take its place in the market as a kind of user, and you are welcome to continue reading and find out if it deserves all the compliments

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Since launching The Ryzen 3000 processors on July 7 this year began an effect we have not known for many years in the hardware world. Many users outside the limited Internet circles have also begun to adopt As a worthy candidate and an option to buy, even here in Israel, a country that knows you all Desktop processors must be by default.

If Ryzen 1000 processors have aroused interest, and Ryzen 2000 processors constitute a landslide, Ryzen 3000 is the tsunami of the desktop processor world. Whether rightly or not, in some circles these processors are seen as the preferred and sometimes the only option. You see this in many diverse communities across the internet. This is indicative of a lot of the public's perception of not just processors The new ones, but also to the processors Existing ones.

The "hype" was created for a simple reason - the four-core barrier that we have become accustomed to over many generations of processors has been broken As a standard for a user who does not want to spend huge sums in an Extreme Bracket. Within three years, we were able to get 6 cores for $ 400 (processor i7 6800K) for 130 dollars only, price 5 2600 today with maintaining the processing power available in the product. Advances in cost-effectiveness are undeniable.

One of the most important target audiences for processor manufacturers is those that are in the price range between NIS 700 and NIS 1200. This market is especially popular for gamers, amateur content creators, and anyone who doesn't need eight-core or more monstrous processors (though Be sure to "destroy" it too with availability of 8 processors from previous generations).

As with Intel processors, so are processors Divided into four different levels of performance. Ryzen 3 is the lowest, usually at prices of 75-125 dollars. The Ryzen 5 is a category that targets the range between 175 and 300 dollars. The latest Ryzen 7 processors are in the range between 300 and 500 dollars and Ryzen 9 is a premium series with Lying from 500 dollars.

The Ryzen 5 3500 series includes these two lines at the time of writing only. God- 5 3600 costs 199 dollars and the 5 3600X costs 249 dollars.

The two main differences between these processors are that the 3600 comes with A relatively simple Wraith Stealth compared to Wraith Spire in 3600X, and broadcasted a slightly higher 3600X operation.

While the operating frequency of 5 3600 is 3.6Ghz with maximum turbocharged 4.2Ghz for a single core, the 5 3600X comes at 3.8Ghz frequency and maximum turbo frequency for one core of 4.4Ghz.

In practice, the operating frequencies of these two processors are very close. In fact, at this stage of the review, I will say that it is a bit difficult to choose 3600X with a difference of 50 dollars, which you can buy Advanced and only using the 3600 processor alone will close the performance gap.

The Ryzen 5 3600X contains 6 physical cores and 12 capillaries thanks to SMT (RU Simultaneous Multithreading) technology. Electricity below. There are two silicon chips below the lid. Allocated silicon to Factory That produces for her.

At a cost of about NIS 1100 in the country, the Core i5 9600K is the rival of the Ryzen 5 3600X. The Ryzen 5 processor 3600 sold for about NIS X less. Criticizing the 3700X and 3900X processors You will find more information about the X570 platform. The Ryzen 5 3600X along with its X-free brother come to the AM4 bracket and fit almost any The owner of the currently sold bracket includes those based on B450 and X470 for example. Of course, the manufacturer's website must be verified.

Let's move on to the performance tests and see how this processor copes with the competition

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