The Acer gaming computer reveals the new Intel laptop processor with the open HWzone product
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The Acer gaming computer reveals Intel's new laptop processor with open product

Laboratory- i7-7820HK is intended to be the fulfillment of the dream of gaming enthusiasts looking for a highly advanced mobile machine

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We already have a pretty good idea of ​​the flow of new Kaby Lake processors that will flood us starting next month, after a long period of quiet in which we had only six mobile models of this generation of - Still, we seem to keep getting information on new models almost weekly, which reminds us that there are good reasons to keep waiting for the chipmaker's official announcement.

Our fresh "blame" in the extradition of models Is Acer, which added technical information about a new and advanced Predator family mobile phone to its official site, The new i7-7820HK, which will be the direct successor to the first mobile processor ever offered with an open frequency multiplex and potential Significant number.

A new advanced model is added on the way to the store shelves
A new advanced model is added on the way to the store shelves

The company's new Predator X17 will offer 17.3-sized IPS screens with 4K resolution and 10 coverage of the sRGB standard, memory 64GB, a GeForce GTX 1080 video card in mobile configuration, a monstrous storage array that includes three 2GB M.512 drives each (!) And RAID 1 or RAID 0 for maximum performance, plus a standard 2 TRA -Bate system 10, USB Type-C connection with support technology 3, one HDMI connection in full size, connection One full size, four connections Full-size 3.0, 77 watt-hour battery - and a quad-core and octagon virtual core processor with 2.9GHz base frequency, 3.9GHz maximum turbo frequency and upward multiplication.

The new model specification, including the Core i7-7820HK Source:
The new model specification, including the i7-7820HK

For the i7-7820HK This is a basic frequency higher than the base frequency of the 200MHz i7-6820HK ahead of it, and at a higher 300MHz turbo frequency - when these speeds put it in line with the The rare i7-6920HQ, which was the most agile core of the Skylake generation and carried a recommended price tag of more than 500, which was 50 more expensive than the X- i7-6820HK.

The actual performance improvement for the fresh model will probably be about ten percent in the most optimistic case, but that's probably something you'll have to settle for - considering that this model (combined with a proper cooling system) should reach a level very close to that of the top desktop processors of From mainstream families.

Without diminishing the value of the open-loop laptop processor - the most interesting and refreshing model in the new generation continues to be the Core i3-7100HQ, seemingly
Without downloading the value of the open multiprocessor processor - the most interesting and refreshing model in the new generation continues to be the i3-7100HQ, allegedly

The Predator X17 will carry a price tag of more than 3,000 EUR or USD when it is officially launched, and unfortunately, i7-7820HK can't find much cheaper models than this price level - but if you've always dreamed of a gaming machine that can be carried around, now you know what to look for.


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  1. It's still not that.
    Maybe in the next generation of video cards and processors.
    When all together will not pass the 250W?
    Admittedly strong but not portable to my taste.

  2. Silly question ... I have a Dell laptop.
    I bought it. Truthfully, I should be able to develop games and graphics outside the house.
    The problem is that as soon as I adopted the drop screen card then the computer started to "sweat" (warm up) and tried to cool itself down and then the performance was really bad in the section I have nothing to do with this computer for heavy graphics development. It is better to have a weaker card already but can hold up to maximum graphics for more than two minutes.
    The question is whether these gaming laptops also have a full or nearly full utilization of the video card without getting so hot and slowing everything down?

  3. Nice although I already have a mobile machine only from the ASUS model I bought at 3499 dollars

  4. "With 4K resolution and 10 percent coverage of the sRGB standard assembly" (quote)
    I guess that's 100 percent and not 10, right?

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