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Community Victory: AMD will support the new Ryzen processor generation for existing motherboards

Great news for gaming enthusiasts who are considering an upgrade soon - motherboards based on the B450 and X470 chipsets will be remembered for official support for the generation of CPUs 4000, contrary to the earlier statements on the subject

Sometimes public opinion has a central and surprising meaning to the affirmative, and the latest illustration we get from the company's people , Who make it clear that they have heard the wave of complaints and disappointments that have surfaced on the network in recent days with the announcement of the company's new generation of motherboards - and will make the necessary efforts to calm the mood.

At the declaration About The Ryzen 3 3100 and Ryzen 3 3300X models We received Initial details also about the new chipset's budget chipset, the B550 - With a table that clearly and clearly describes that the future Ryzen 4000 models, with processing cores in Zen 3 architecture, will only support modern motherboards with the X570 or B550 chipsets. all Older in the bracket (Such as the X470 or B450, and more importantly the X370 and B350) will not be able to launch the new processors that are expected to be released towards the end of the current year.

Promised many years of support for - and continues to invest in the subject despite the diverse technical challenges that have evolved over the years

Many users were very disappointed with the news, naturally - after all, what the original promise of From 2016 to support the AM4 resident for at least four years if there is an artificial separation in support of the motherboards, and almost every upgrade to the 4000 will require upgrading of the respective motherboard.

To our delight, now the official explanation comes from To the decision - and also the promise that the company will invest most of its engineering efforts to provide support for 4000 also on X470 and B450-based motherboards, contrary to what was shown in that early slide.

The slide that sparked the storm - and the small win for the users who adds credit to the Red Developer

As with the back-up saga we heard about in the Ryzen 3000 generation last year, this time around, too, are technological limitations that are behind the scenes of business decisions - a big part of the motherboards for its products. Based on a dedicated 16 megabyte (BIOS) UI (or UEFI) memory chip, this is simply not enough to support all models launched so far and launched in the upcoming generation of AM4. There is a technical need to compromise and give up support for some processor designs - but at Make it clear that they do not ignore the bad feelings of the consumers and make the necessary adjustments to ensure support for the new generation also in the motherboards of the previous incarnation, similar to how it worked to add support to the generation generation processors Latest 3000 motherboards (relatively) with the X370 and B350 chipsets.

Consumers will be able to purchase a processor Only 4000 if they already have an X470 or a B450 board - or they can lower the overall upgrade cost with a choice of transition 4000 alongside one of the previous generation motherboards, as a replacement for the latest (and most expensive) motherboards

AMD will continue to strongly recommend purchasers of Ryzen 4000 processors to go on a modern X570 or B550-based motherboard, but will work to develop and distribute dedicated Ryzen 4000 BIOS updates that will add support to these processors at the expense of losing support for older AM4 processors - And this is certainly a significant victory for consumers considering a minimal cost upgrade in the coming year. Surprisingly, we have not yet addressed the expected motherboard support for the Ryzen 3000 generation processors that will have a built-in internal graphics core - but we will keep our fingers crossed that They should want as much as possible from potential buyers and upgrades in this case as well.

We will continue to follow and update you!

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