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AMD's Zen Processors: Higher than Expected Prices?

An internal document from the Chinese market suggests that the " The new and promising chip developers will not be cheap as we hoped

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New Zen Processors , Under the emerging model names SR5, SR3 and SR7, will officially launch in less than two months - and announce a new era not only for the Red Developer, but also for the entire market, with six-core "real" physical processing processors at prices We have not yet seen. Or maybe our joy was a little premature, actually?

New documentation from the popular Chinese site Chiphell presents a graph, Plans to market all new Summit Ridge models, starting with the SR3 (which may include four physical processing cores), at a cost that is higher than that of the most expensive graphical-core APUs available today - the A12-9800 generation Bristol Ridge (based on the Excavator architecture from the Veteran) launched earlier this year.

Do AMD plan to align itself with the price levels that Intel has been accustomed to in recent years?
Is in Plan to align themselves with the (somewhat high) price levels to which we are accustomed In recent years?

The A12-9800 processor did not receive an official recommended price tag for consumers, due primarily to manufacturers and ready-made computer systems manufacturers, but the assumption is that its price tag is still over 160 or 170 dollars - a fairly expensive starting point for the newest cheap models , Which could indicate that the most advanced SR7 models will cost more than 300 dollars predicted for them only a few days ago, which could make them competitors for the Extreme processors of , And not for its mainstream processors.

In fact, the situation may be even more problematic. According to the same image intended for Chinese marketing and distribution professionals for the arrival of the new models - the launch of the SR models will take place in the rankings, with the first most expensive and advanced SR7 models, followed by the SR5 and finally the more popular SR3 models - "More than 1,500 yuan", allegedly, or more than 217 dollars. If we assume that this price tag does not only apply to the first SR7 models but to all new models - then the Plan to market their processors at a price level very similar to that of the Core i5 and Core i7 processors . Something that certainly would not suit everyone.

It is worth noting that AMD's previous FX processors, in the era of the bulldozer, were originally launched with high and ambitious price tags - which dropped rapidly due to low and disappointing demand levels
It is worth noting that the previous FX processors of FX , In the age of the bulldozer, were originally launched with high and ambitious price tags - which plunged quickly due to low and disappointing levels of demand

All the assessments in the previous paragraphs should be treated with a certain skepticism, and remember that there is still quite a bit of time before the actual launch of the processors, which could lead to additional changes in the prices and supply of - We will keep our fingers crossed that the chip developer will be able to offer competitive price levels and those that suit as wide a target audience as possible, similar to what has been done in recent years with their APU processor families.

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