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The curbs of ARCTIC occupy the CeBIT exhibition

B-Arctic, The manufacturer of all the coolers, announced that three of the company 's cooling systems fit into Titan' s new Titan NVIDIA
Are theAccelero Xtreme III And theAccelerator Twin Turbo II They are my body Veteran market players who have earned a reputation for performance Excellent despite the exemplary quietness of their work. This is not the first time they have announced in retrospect that a body Their veteran is compatible with new hardware from NVIDIA או AMD.
The company now announces that the two old cooling systems support the "GeForce GTX Titan From home NVIDIA. We are not sure that a person who paid 1000 dollars for a video card would be interested in taking the risk of replacing the heat sink to his video card, but we are happy about the possibility. In addition,Acceleration Hybrid Supports many video cards both from home NVIDIA And from home AMD, But is now publicized for its adaptation toGeForce GTX Titan The monstrous.
The Three Musketeers of ARCTIC
The Accelero Hybrid on any NVIDIA video card
And First Commercial Use OnAcceleration Hybrid
Now in Savit, she announced Inno3D On extensive cooperation with ARCTIC And the two presented together thei-Chill GTX Acceleration Hybrid. B-Inno3D They have not mentioned anything about availability or price, or anything related to the level of overclocking with which the ticket will come from the factory. The main thing is that he is beautiful


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