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Sales liquidation began? Meet the best Radeon cards around

updating: RX 580 models at the cheapest prices to date - The ASRock Phantom Gaming X with 8GB of GDDR5 memory At a final price of NIS 889.58.

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in parallel, XXUMX GTS XXX Edition XXUMX XXUMXGB XXUMXGB RXXXUMX Available in Amazon now at a final price of 241.15 USD, or approximately NIS 900.

Original Article: RX 580 leads at a great price either RX 570 modest at minimal cost? You just have to choose

New Year, New - but it seems that the discount offered by the International Store They continue as if November never ends. If you are interested in a gaming card at a price that does not rip your pocket and you have not yet found the perfect one for you, there are several suggestions that you must check with the red camp.

Radeon RX 570 from ASRock with 4GB of graphical memory Available at a total price of only ILS 633.83.

Nitro Plus's Radeon RX 570 model With a pair of 4GB fans and graphics memory is available at a very small price of NIS 620.49, including VAT and shipping - when it is worth noting that this is a "standard" gaming model and a mining model that is in liquidation, with five ports Updated and varied.

Sales and elimination of models RX 570 deserve?

One of the most successful Radeon RX 580 models is available at a great price - GTS Black Edition of XFX עם In an interesting design, 8GB 's Slightly accelerated and up to 1,405MHz sold for 923.

Those interested in the most affordable video card that can be purchased for less than 600 can choose In PowerColor's Radeon RX 560 Red Dragon, Equipped with 4GB of (As compared to more basic models with 2GB only) at a final price of 552. Note that the addition of NIS 70 for payment and a jump to the RX 570 model we mentioned above will provide a significant addition to the capabilities.

For dessert, if you are looking for the most advanced Polaris model created - you can choose On PowerColor's Radeon RX 590 Red Devil It has a massive double cooling and maximum operating frequency of 1,576MHz at a total price of NIS 1,218, or In the Sapphire Nitro Plus model For 1,236 shekels. Pleasant shopping and successful gaming!


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  1. That means there will probably be an announcement by AMD of new video cards soon that will lower prices, so stores are trying to get rid of the old stock.

    1. The word NAVI sounds in every corner (just a pity it's always in the context of "here goes the space for NVIDIA the SOCKET _ simply ... as the size of the anticipation the size of the disappointment)

  2. Still high prices for two year old tickets, we were already there, Acne 580 when it dropped to 500

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