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The largest, most expensive: microSD cards with half a terabyte in stores

PNY joins the trend with a tremendous volume card - and we hope to see the selection swell soon

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At the last Computex show in June, we had a chance to meet with several miniature memory card makers who were preparing for the next stage of development - cramming no less than 512GB into the microSD configuration for smartphones, tablets, and other compact electronic devices (including growing popularity on laptops, too). The ability to receive a whole volume of imaginary volume of a whole terabyte in your trouser pocket as this unfolds Even in the realm of the volumes of internal memories For these products.

One of those actresses who took pride in the leap Move to the 400GB bar Was PNY, and now seems to be the first to be proud of the wide practical availability of its product, through American - albeit at a price that is still very difficult to take.

The new generation tickets are already here, but prices are sky high

512GB Elite cards from the American company, With Relatively basic, including continuous transfer speeds of up to 90 megabytes per second and incompatible with the A1 App Performance standard, is now sold in the US Amazon for every requirement for 350 dollars (!) - or 417 dollars to be exact, including both VAT and shipping Needless to say, at such a price it is impossible to recommend the purchase of the card, since SanDisk microSD cards with Preferably the volume of 400GB is currently offered in less than half the price, while 256GB volume cards are available in a quarter or a fifth (!!) of the price in question.

PNY's advanced card performance is not particularly impressive,, So that the relevance of the purchase without a drop in price is to users in a narrow and specific niche

Other manufacturers such as Team Group and Lexar have promised to bring 512GB volume stores to the near future, with the latter even boasting support for the latest A2 App Performance standard that ensures proper random performance when working with small files in both reading and writing - which can justify high prices For every gigabyte a little better than the PNY product. We will have to wait a little longer for this to happen, and at the same time we hope to see cThe market leader SanDisk, Which in the meantime prefers to settle for a maximum of "400GB" only, announces its plans for the latest maximum level.

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of more models - with superior capabilities and perhaps slightly more reasonable prices relative to the market situation

It is worth noting that a company called Integral Memory Was really the first offer MicroSDXC card in record volume of 512GB, As early as May of this year - though these models had relatively low availability and prices even higher than PNY, as befits a product that was one and only in its unrivaled category. Now with the addition of another more renowned racehorse, we can hope that we will begin to see greater consumer interest and positive changes in prices.

Must mention the model that started the trend a few months ago - at a base price of about 400 dollars per unit


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