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NVIDIA's black sheep

The GeForce GTX 1650 card has officially launched with reviews that have been slightly delayed - for performance that pales in comparison to RX 570 is cheaper than it

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The cheapest Turing model of The near future was officially presented a few days ago, with far less buzz than we got used to in other launches of the Green Camp - and managed to disappoint many skiers and visitors alike.

The new model offers great efficiency, with low power consumption and impressive coolness that allow it to work quietly in almost any situation, but at the recommended price of 150 dollars, which even most dedicated models pass through - it fails to provide performance advantage over the veteran Radeon RX 570 , Which can be purchased for only $ 130 and not even at a more modest price.

Economical, modest, up-to-date - and not attractive enough

The big performance difference compared to the GeForce GTX 1660 models available for purchase at $ 220 also doesn't help the GTX 1650 launch point - and what only added to the relative disappointment is the exposure that the model includes an older video encoding unit from the Pascal card generation, Instead of a more efficient and agile unit than the Turing generation, which can negatively impact content creators and streaming agents. The GTX 1650 is not a bad card and manages to make the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti models obsolete for most users - but it is evident that You will need to work harder to make it a commercial hit.

Defeats the GTX 1050 Ti - but fails to outperform rival models that stand in better cost-effectiveness positions
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Alongside the stationary card, a pair of models was also launched GTX for the Mobile Market - the GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1650, with the GTX 1660 model successfully bridging them in the desktop world for some reason, at least for now.

Who will be the first manufacturer in the market to summon the courage and offer us the GTX 1650 at a price lower than the recommended threshold?

Together with the modern Coffee Lake Refresh processors from the 9 series, it seems that we are about to receive a wide range of fresh intermediate More impressive than ever before in those dimensions familiar to us. The GTX 1660 Ti will offer the same 1,536 processing units and the same Graphical type 6GB, but with a reduced operating frequency of between 1,390MHz and 1,550MHz (instead of the 1,770MHz on the desktop version of the card), which is designed to allow a power envelope of between 60 and 80 watts, depending on the manufacturer's choice and decision.

The GTX 1650 mobile model may be far more successful in an environment where efficiency is the key to victory - aiming to be a successor to mid-to-four or four-year-old midrange gaming with 2 and 3 graphics processing capabilities

The GeForce GTX 1650 data for the mobile market is more surprising, in fact - and includes using the core with 1,024 active CUDA units compared to such desktop 896 units. The working frequencies of the mobile model will range from 1,245MHz to 1,560MHz in the 35 watts to 50 watts power casing, and it seems likely that the highly successful models will deliver a level of Very close to that of the stationary market - while the low end of the scale is under question mark.

The mobile world continues to evolve in impressive directions - and we're already eagerly awaiting what it will bring with it the jump to 7 nm manufacturing technologies

The use of a larger number of processing units makes it clear that the TU117 cores have additional unrealized potential, increasing the chances of seeing a launch of the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti version continued - at least in the desktop landscape. Maybe it can provide cost-benefit ratios that sweat? We will continue to follow and update you.

Promises us With the Turing cards, GTX 1650 in particular) at initial prices of 800 dollars only - although we have not yet met such


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  1. The price has dropped over time, in my opinion the story here is Nvidia's disappointing attempt to force content creators to buy more expensive tickets by not upgrading the video coding unit.

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